Stickers? Stickers




Looking real nice. Another piece to the puzzle!


I’m so ready for mine to get here!!!


Got my shipping confirmation yesterday :point_up: How’d the stickermule ones come out?


I must have missed the announcement how do i get setup to receive some of these stickers ?

#6 I think it was, they were doing a sale for 10 3"x 3" sticker for $1. Not sure if sale is still going on tho.


Stickermule was running a promo, I posted it on discord, and I think a few of us ordered. I wasn’t sure if those stickers in the photo were from stickermule, i’m a couple days behind in shipping time not being in the US, and was curious how they came out. Giveaways going on at the meetup in Atlanta in a couple weeks.


ah gotcha i must have missed it on Discord , been busy havent been able to spend much time on there. I appreciate the info.



I need some of these in my life.


Apple cloud. Lol I get it.