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This post will serve as my Journey’s Documentation that will help not only myself but hopefully others as well throughout this process.

A quick background to catchup to how I got to my current state. (after typing this, it ain’t so quick. but I think interesting enough to give it a shot!)

  • At 17 y.o. was the age when I seriously got the itch to pursue business. The goal initially was to one day own an Arancio Borealis Lamborghini Murcielago and business at the time seemed to be the one route where the probability was highest to achieve monetary goals. The main problem that I came to the realization of pretty damn quickly was 1) How shy / introverted I was & 2) How the result of zero social skills would affect results in business. But alas, My friend and I did start a little T-shirt business (2013) in highschool and I got my first taste of what it was like buying product, getting it custom made, packaging it, and then selling them at school to see people walk around with something we created. Coolest feeling in the world to be honest. On a side note, for those aware of The Snake in Malibu CA, a memory I’ll never forget was seeing this 16 year old driving a Mclaren mp4-12c up there and several trips later seeing him again with a 650s, asking him how it is that he had been driving these cars (super nice kid) and apparently his dad had an apparel company. Weird little coincidences have happened a lot in my life.


  • At 18 is when I dipped my toes in trading in the stock market. First with stocks, then quickly trying my hand with options trading SPY contracts. I sucked. To put it simply, it ain’t easy and looking back definitely did not do my due diligence on how to approach the markets. First year took my account from $1000 to 2-3000, then within a 3 day span lost the years gains. It’s cool. I was young, I knew I had time to still succeed in life.

  • At 19/20 im in my 1st/2nd year of community college, (read a mark cuban article on not taking school loans to go to university straight out of HS, even though parents, brother and teachers wanted me to go the university route, I figured since none of them had really any significant money I’d avoid that advice.) Took a CS class and learned I love software. Scrounged up some dollars and bought myself a 2012 macbook air to begin learning how to make apps for the iPhone.

So right now I’m 22, Computer Science student at a California State school,

  • Started off as what I consider bottom of the barrel in terms of knowing what to do and lacking any skills whatsoever.
  • Have taken high risk chances at trying to “succeed” in life.
  • Pretty much “failed” every time.

Along the way though, the books, podcasts, videos, information consumed, alongside the risks taken, development both physically and mentally, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The thought process has shifted over time from purely “money” to tying personal success to amount created in a lifetime and having value received in proportion to it. Kinda philosophical but i’m sure many will understand where Im coming from!

I feel Im at a point where I deeply understand what it means to “create” now and am shooting to give my best shot at creating something that matters.

Experience in starting a business, trading in the financial markets, then teaching myself software has led me down a path that has gotten me here. Deeply entrenched in the desire to understand Cryptocurrency.

  • this is the main reason why i think most people don’t understand the value proposition of cryptocurrency.

If an individual is too technically skilled, they may not have an awareness and completely disregard what it means to not only “transact value on a global scale” but what how creation is enabled on a global scale.

Or be to business / finance minded, be overly skeptical and not understanding how the software works and be able to understand how it can evolve.

This is a thought process I’d love to talk about haha!

But onto what the project I’m working on at the moment.

In a social media world, with the instagrams & snapchats of sort, it would be awesome if there was a way for people to have the tool to inspire others to live a more active lifestyle. None of the platforms I feel do this well and if executed on, I’d love to see people live not only healthier lives physically, but as a result of going out with friends on more active adventures improve also mentally. This is an effort to create something to actually improve people’s lives because its what I know from experience, being the shy overweight, and not confident kid. Being more active is what has enabled me to go out, and explore what this world has to offer.

Stracker - Inspire Movement
An iOS app i’m developing and would love to see some pub members actually like using it as a tool! It is starting out as a simple activity tracker, that will evolve over time to hopefully implement a crypto transactions!(Something I still have to learn how to implement… ahh the journey)
I want to eventually go social, but more peer to peer / small group style
iOS App Store Link: Stracker - Inspire Movement

Let’s see how this goes!
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so, the question is… what do you need help with the most? how can this community be used as a resource for you?

you forgot one of the most important things in this post: The Ask…!


Thank you @john ! I appreciate you throwing that out there haha,

Since there are people out there that have built products, software applications and found an approach to gaining traction. One question I have is how should I be prioritizing my focus? Working hard isn’t my problem, but knowing what to work on is.

On the app store I’ve focused on ASO, and different designs of screen shots, yet I never am able to get increased downloads. Impressions are at about an average of 150-300 a day, but downloads are not to be seen.

I use mobileaction for keyword search.
Use Sketch to design.
Code in swift on xcode.

(im sad that April 1st was the first recorded crash lol)


I love the idea, if You put it out on Android I’ll use it for sure.

As for the downloads, AppStore gives You 100 character keyword field, use it fully.
Maybe remaster the icon of the app?
Promote Your app on Apple social forum?
Make a short video about it, You can add that to AppStore aswell.

Those are a little bit random but I hope it’s something.


@ToiTamto Thank you!

For the keywords, your absolutely right, the objective was to max out keywords with high probability rankings. zero word duplication, and if possible i believe long tail keywords are more effective? I could be wrong but thats the approach.

For the ICON (icx :smiley: ) is there something you believe should be different? I kinda like the design right now. The story behind it is since it is an activity tracker, the focus is to get outdoors, and it being an ‘S’ it kinda looks like a river with a brown outline as a hiking trail.

Apple Social Forum sounds promising! Never knew about that thank you!

Short video I’ve attempted, but might try and actually pay someone far down the road when it can be afforded to. I know basics of Final Cut Pro, but probably doing more harm right now if i do it haha.


As it goes for the video, I really think You can do it Yourself.
I’ll look for an app that captures the screen + edit software so You can fiddle with it.

As it goes for the icon: “The story behind it is since it is an activity tracker, the focus is to get outdoors, and it being an ‘S’ it kinda looks like a river with a brown outline as a hiking trail.”

Try changing the colors at first, cuz idea behind the icon is great. Maybe some green grass outside of the river, the whiteish circle, if You manage maybe change it to circle of trees and inside of it there is the “S” river with more visible brownish outlines. You can angle the S a little bit, like 20-30 degrees aswell.
Again, that’s just a quick thought.

Screen capture on IOS:
If You want to edit the video straight from the phone:

  • iMovie - part of Apple product line,
  • Videoshop,

If You want to edit it on MAC:

  • iMovie (not sure if it’s free),
  • DaVinci,
  • Lightworks.

love this.

this is a bit meta, but, i’ve realized that one of the more important ‘creations’ is actually my own body and mind. having disciplined it (and continuing to)… making it submit to my own will.


Amazing! Keep documenting your journey here!

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Will Do Captain!

@john i agree, the body and mind sculpted over time differentiates the child’s play to the men. It takes a special type of person to go down this route of development and persist through the struggles.

It’s definitely a process.


Wondering if anyone has a best approach to tracking crashes on iOS apps.

Is there a free software out there that would be able to identify where a user experiences a crash? Whenever I see one occur I have a mini heart attack lol.