Strange UI issue while using Brave


notice all of the icons are missing. @john


Ahh it’s not just me then


I just checked safari and it’s the same issue


same issue… Question, they give you 25 BAT for downloading brave but in the fine print it says it is one directional, meaning they don’t give you anything they allow your web browsing to pay the places you visit… I turned off the auto-tip sites option, but anyone know how to actually use the 25 BAT? I’ll send it to someone able to receive it …but I can’t send it according to the fine print, borderline misleading if you ask me… it says use by 1/31/19 or lose it, but I can’t figure out how to use it…


Same on chrome. Maybe a hard reset is due here as well. Updates :slight_smile:


yeah. i think an update borked.


working on it now… sorry.


its fixed now john, thanks


okay, should be all better.