Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



Today is conspiracy Sunday.

The title of my stream posted for approximately 6 hours before stream was:
“Conspiracy Sunday & Chill”

Given the recent more blatant censorship that’s happening all around us, it all makes sense… or is it a conspiracy?

  1. Start stream. No shows. 4:33.
  2. Shut down. Start again. 2:12.
  3. Talk to discord, restart computer.

4. Same - Can’t see video replay

5. Same
6. Same
7. Stream - Saved.
8. Dead.
9. Dead.
10. Chatting with discord to assuage my discontent.

While this happened, we also got a Youtube strike… on an UNPUBLISHED VIDEO! - It says they manually found it. Well then, you must have manually found it by going through our UNPUBLISHED videos… hmmm…

We’ve dealt with all of this before with BiteSizeBitcoin (currently sitting at 34K subscribers). Which is why we made Decentralized.TV!

Finding a real solution with a market saturation like Youtube will be a challenge. @john and I can build it. If we can’t find it.

Thanks for hanging with us. We’re a small cryptonation. But we’ll grow and change the world.

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You know that the Pub has your back @peter. Whatever needs to happen we will find the solution right here. Fuck’em!


Turning more into North Korea everyday man; anyway you and john would try to make your own streaming platform directly on the pub? :thinking:


Wow…crazyness, some one doesn’t like what you’re doing :thinking:


no stream today…??? nooooooo


Shit sucks. Decentralized streaming…maybe? Where is Q when you need him/her/it?


Shitposting disinfo from a pentagon cubicle.


Needless to say I won’t be streaming for a bit, until we can find a solution.
I don’t want to start a 3rd Youtube channel right now. :mcafee:


This censorship is getting insane!!! The Cryptonation is getting too strong!


this was going to be my first conspiracy sunday!! noooooo! its a conspiracy…


It’s all your fault


How about stream on bitsizemining?


WTF that some bull shit. They have been doing the same thing to me but not to this extent. Will there be a stream tonight???


this is a big deal on so many levels. Maybe the the traditional powers are outwardly attacking our voice. Funny how this whole thing has gotten too powerful for them to handle. Wait until the big financial institutions start to TRULY fear crypto. This could get ugly fast. I highly encourage all of you to turn off the big news outlets.


Tai Zen is in bed with PROPS project. THeir rise beta works. Maybe they have a desk top version ready. I know they got a mobile version… Just a thought.


Don’t think so bro…


keep ya head up bro. You and John are doing great things. This should just add fuel to your engine.


Forget Youtube. Time to start using


or perhaps


This totally fucks up Dogelord’s time box for the day!!!