Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



We chatted in a PM this am.

Just give the man a weekend off.


Omg this video. All is well!
His stream lasted about a minute and a half before it got shut down :grimacing::woman_shrugging:t2:


YouTube on mobile either didn’t like me or was shut down. Don’t know… I tried tho!


it’s not just you peter, They are going after tons of other journalists, creators, even artists.


Yes. I couldn’t get on. On mobile. Seems like that’s still locked out.


Hey Peter, have you tried streaming on twitch but posting on youtube?


that would be nice you post on you tube and say live stream is on link to twitch or something like that.


Stream down again? Dammit!


Are they censoring you again brother? Always look forward to your stream :upside_down_face:


Still recommending that twitch stream…


Someone else take the video content platform already :sob: an entity that won’t be a puppet to the big corporations & censor freedom of speech would be ideal.

YouTube Classic wya


My day isn’t the same without the stream.



Keiser Report: Siren song of YouTube

Some interesting Youtube facts


Not sure about you guys but I sure could use a “Tis But A Scratch Stream.”
The market is taking a beating.


I put in , so of course its gonna go down


lol I feel the same way, I started in February. Neo is my #1 coin and it is taking the biggest hit for me.


Me too started bout a month or so ago, so Im foolish really for putting in anyways before my 90 days are up via b90x (albeit I watch more than half in one day or so) I feel like i should implement a new rule : only buy now if it was the same price last year. its sad watching 60% drain out of what you put in while trying to smile and keep a strong hand as you hold the bag


I’ll be streaming today I believe.


Will you or is the start of another Conspiracy???