Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



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I think the reason streaming didn’t work last Sunday (may) have something to do with the censoring… I just don’t know.

Youtube will no longer allow me to even set up a stream on mobile… sigh.


Youtube may be limiting mobile live streams to prevent criminal actions being broadcast.


YouTube has already admitted to cracking down on conspiracy topics. Just don’t use that word any longer in the title. It will get you flagged for sure. Sad but true.


But now I’m using something even worse… Qanon!


End of 2013 after bitcoin ran from the $100’s to $1000’s. People who bought bitcoin at $1000 saw a retrace to $200’s.

End of 2017 after bitcoin runs 18x in 2017 another group of people joined. People who bought bitcoin at 19k there is still hope for you after fall.


If u start waking people up there will be trouble.


hmm is it related to this?


Saw this on Twitter today. We need a decentralized social network


Censorship has been become increasingly annoying as of lately. A lot of the “solutions” they’re trying to implement can be easily resolved via personal responsibility. Too much unnecessary hand holding and trying to solve “problems”.


this is why the pub exists :muscle:


Crazy video


to be fair there is steemit


and more and more dApps on top btw!/feed


a few more like , busy, dporn even decentralized forums exist on steem. Steem killin right now


whats Qanon some political prediction site??


Just keeping this here. Since they keep changing the “time” it’ll take.

Now it’s April…


what does it mean exactly. Language is not clear to me.


Screenshot of YouTube requirements to get monetized 1k subs and 4K views. Peter is well above that and screen shot shows it’s recent since he has 57k subs so this has been under review for a year pretty much.


It means youtube is being a cunt


I think a young lady expressed her views clearly on YouTubes campus earlier this week about their policy.