Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



@peter and @john

Well you’ve been waiting for an official acknowledgement, here it is:

You’ll love the part about deliberate “partial notification” of live stream events.


Eh… the conspiracy becomes truth.


Keep fighting Peter.


Got to keep that stuff on Discord I guess. Q says MZ will be out soon!


Exactly! We are in the USA, the land of “Freedom”!!!


Spot on! I HATE seeing all these Fake, Crappy Mainstream News videos whenever I search Youtube for ANYTHING!


I love YouTube where else ya gonna get the freshest 9 year old transsexual makeup tutorials?

Burn it all down


Just updating this thread.

Stream is officially down for Decentralized.TV.

We’ll be moving back to BiteSizeBitcoin starting up this week.

NO STREAM TONIGHT! We’ll start back up Wednesday 8PM EST!



Did I hear Patreon’s only sesh tonight!?!?!
sayyy whaat!?!?!
I’m DOWN. Just saying…


Why don’t you let the people from the community do the appeals for you. I’m sure you have very capable fans that would be a willing to do them and do them well. Lock up some of YouTubes time.


What Vince got wrong is that we have been VERY engaged with the Youtube community.
He’s so wrong it’s ridiculous.
@john actually WENT to Youtube headquarters to speak with them in PERSON. Only someone on Patreon would know that. We have video proof of it. We also have documented proof of our engagement with Youtube/Google since BiteSizeBitcoin (just take a look at this thread). It is clear Vince is frustrated with something… I just don’t know what.

Vince showed me his real character with his video. Riddled with massive assumptions, he accused me of many things. All of which are completely false.

While I may disagree with his approach, he’s still very much part of the crypto-landscape and I want crypto to WIN and SUCCEED, not to divide!

So I’ll support his free speech. I just don’t have to respect him for it.


I “liked” this post not because the stream is down, but as acknowledgement I read the post!


Ok. I am pretty much done with Vincent Briatore. First, he starts digging in on Bitcoin bad-mouthing and being a BCash shill. Now he’s trying to bad mouth Peter. Fuckin over this goomba -


What a cunt, I’m gonna rip him up!


Ah yeah I watched this yesterday as well. To be fair he did make a good point about appealing in my opinion as the channel is worth fighting for until a suitable replacement is found.


I’ll hold him while you guys take free shots


never heard of him ghghghghhg


He seemed to have a bone to pick with you and took on some wrong assumptions which I don’t really understand, but whatever. I do agree with him though regarding the discussion points around YouTube being a private company where they can do as they please. I am not saying you don’t think that way either because I know we have had discussions in the pub or youtube about this topic in the past. But, people I think get it wrong when using these conglomerant web services thinking that it is a public utility. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but youtube and all of centralized social media are not free platforms. This is where the opportunity is to create something even better lies.


It was an interesting video. I’ve never seen his videos before, and I appreciate his style, but maybe he could’ve asked you why instead of making the video in this kind of tone. It kind of looked bad on him.