Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



Vincent made worse comments about Richard Heart and John McAfee. He thinks he’s like the Tony Soprano of crypto.

If you know YouTube will ban your live streams for talking about conspiracies, don’t continue to do so. You have to play ball with the snowflakes until your goals are reached.


This greasy fool is salty as fk for some reason.

Can’t stand his face either- he looks like a wife beater.

Looks aside…things he says like “I’m already rich” just made me unsubscribe.




The guy is a piece of shit for calling Peter out like that. I’ve watch him before, he has very basic knowledge and lacks class and integrity. I stopped watching him when he purposely shilled chainlink them dumped it.

This video really pissed me off, he’s clearly using Peters good name for his own potential gain and trying to be controversial. When people use those tactics you know they’re a piece of shit and I hope his audience see him for what he really is.


You think…lol…broski…you know better…


i like the smoke weed one better. Free publicity :slight_smile: once people visit DCTV and realise how wrong he is GG


Little Italy isn’t sending its best.


Well it’s time to give up @peter nice knowing you :joy:


clarky you should make more memes lmao your the best at it


Thanks mate but I’m only here for the news :joy:
Just noticed how many days I’ve watched the news consecutively


i dont think i have missed a day since i joined. 89 days <3


Better than Facebook and all that sheeeeeet all day long,
life changer for me :muscle:

The guys entitled to make assumptions it’s actually just funny too watch when you know the truth.


truth always prevails.


:flushed: Savages lol :rofl::joy::zipper_mouth_face::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: #CryptoSavage


Can’t say I’m surprised, that’s why shit like and the bitcoin pub are so important - building better options to make the current ones obsolete :100::+1: #StayWoke


“The videos are like a jigabyte”




Now there is ads at the beginning of the news videos??


I feel the same way. Google/Youtube can largely do what they want with their business. I’ve heard Peter say, “nobody gives a fuck about your life,” and I believe that is true at all levels.


Yeah, he got rubbed the wrong way. He was right about one thing: grab some drives and save that content. Yes, it is a lot of space, but hardware is cheap these days.

You know I’m 100% for setting up your own live stream as well. It is too easy to go without YouTube. You know all this so I won’t preach to you since you have been clear YouTube has the best platform so you use it to reach the audience. I get it.

Suggestion: Try to keep the DTV channel for the clips and live stream elsewhere. It keeps the subscribers there and you can go ham on a live stream without community guidelines.


Lol good try guy, that guy is a joke so I just laugh at him