Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



Is the reason you’re so upset about this because you want to pull in more “normies” and most “normies” don’t know about the alternative video sites? I’m just wondering why someone so into decentralization wouldn’t take their show on the decentralized path and away from “Big Brother” YouTube?

I was just thinking that the ‘recruiting more normies’ angle might be why. I support you and if you move I will follow. You make great content and your live stream hang outs are very fun.


Im’ here to spread the gospel of bitcoin. Youtube is the best mechanism right now for that. Period.

We use what we can to get people in. We’ll deal with decentralization later.


Perfect, enemy of the good


Reminds me of a saying we have in the military…

"If it’s stupid but it still works, it isn’t STUPID.":megatron:

(Stared at this in an meeting room for the past 6 months) :thinking:


Dude I do the same thing with YouTube red so I can listen while I work lol


So @peter do you upload videos to Bite Size Bitcoin and Decentralized TV? I keep my eye on both of them just in case. Seems some on BSB are new.


Yes. Some are replays some are new. Is what it is. :slight_smile:


Crypto nation Livestream on BitesizedBitcoin tonight 8pm :sunglasses:


I’d been wondering the same thing for quite a few days now lol


Well that is more content for me to watch. Thanks for all you do @peter


Didn’t get to see the stream while it was on last night, until today! Last night I was checking both channels (between 8-9pm) and neither indicated that the live stream was taking place. After the stream would have ended (after 9pm), I saw evidence in the Pub that there was a stream due to the closed “Giveaway” threads, but yet youtube didn’t even display the recorded stream… until today! It’s as if I was blocked. No notification or alerts. Some real nasty business youtube driving…


I’ll see you guys on discord chat at 8PM for stream. No public live stream today! Just doing a chill discord chat ama!


Is a replay possible? Sounds like an odd question I’m sure. I usually listen to the replay at 5am.


Prolly won’t be recording any of this. This is for you guys only… no need to share all the juicy deets :slight_smile:


Any chance of sharing some info?
I always watch the replay because of our time difference🙈


Missed it :expressionless:


@peter you going to try and stream tonight?


No stream tonight as I’m out of pocket traveling.


Safe travels, homie!


On discord voice chat now!