Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



i checked youtube for a few days and thought you took a break or busy on other projects and couldn’t stream. figured i’d ask the pub, notice this thread, and boom!

P.S. Operation Northwoods. :wink:


yeah he quoted Explosion in my Pagis LOL or something like that

Where is the stream I miss it already need this resolve soon. is it only for Patreon members? been checking youtube all day yesterday and today no Stream.

I do not use tweeter or any other social media too much bull shit IMO.


@peter Hopefully you will be able to find a way to continue your live streams, looked forward to watching them on my way home from work. Couldn’t participate in the chats much because I am driving but it is a good way to relax after the day was over. It’s only 3:00pm here in Honolulu when you do stream. Keep us posted on what becomes of the stream…


Kind of want to create a blockchain platform that cant be censored.


Ya , I was like E Trade wtf?!


E-trade is salty because they don’t offer crypto trading on their platform :laughing:


is stream happening today? its almost time


No streams until further notice :disappointed:


Maybe in 15 mins new notice? :frowning:


… bummer, youtube use to be such a cutting edge platform. google’s leadership is literally destroying their future by thinking in short term gains by bending to their advertisers. Time for something new crypto nation


keep fighting the good fight peter, perhaps twitch is a better platform for your streams. I don’t hear anyone complaining too bad about amazon’s platform.


next stream better be like 5hr LOL


more like 24 hour stream lol


Yeah just do another platform for live-streaming since YouTube hating. More platforms the better if you can get people to go from one platform to another they will also be more willing to join the pub as well and be a patreon.

Crypto lifestyle ain’t right without the livestreams lol.


When are you going to be streaming again Peter?


I’m sure as soon as he knows, we will know. :heart_eyes:


We all miss it! He is working on it but he didn’t want a quick short term fix so he is taking time to explore the best available options.


Yeah, makes sense! Quick fix wouldn’t help. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it. Has become an evening ritual. Thanks for the quick reply!


Working on something. Still doing research.


why can we just use forum to stream it is there a video interface integrated into the forum?