Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



We coded youtube into it previously, but that requires youtube, still working on a solution as y’all know.


Peter, I have faith in you. You and John lead this mass of Pubnationals. If you want us to attack youtube headquarters, I am ready. Not with guns, just eggs. Eggs on windows for Easter is fitting. Well in my opinion, anyway.


No stream = it is boring without crypto encouragement, not like this guys not like this. :):rofl::smile:



but this video is still at Youtube? :confused:


Youtube don’t care what is being said… that video is monetized.


They don’t deserve eggs…


What about twitch bro? I’m sure you and John can build a better platform than YouTube etc.

Get John to hack YouTube.hehe


Dude this is insane. They’re giving you strikes for unpublished videos, where blatently no copyright owner could have possibly seen it yet to complain. Looks like they’re being paid by some big players to stop some information before it even gets out. Concerning…
I guess it’s another example of why the crypto revolution is so needed and decentralised services that can’t be manipulated are required.


This is just the beginning guys! once they control the narrative it will be easier to manipulate people in order to do their bidding, take the second amendment and what not…


I made my first post on STEEMIT its about censorship please resteem


Nice. Appreciate the shout out!
See you shilling that eos tho. Lol! Love it.


Whatever doesn’t fit the globalist establishment narrative shall be censored. The hell with the first amendment. It’s been coming and it will get worse. Decentralized currency and decentralized social media cannot be optimized fast enough. Steemit and dtube are good beginnings but need to get faster and better.


Just like any business, they are "auditing " their site, and shaking down folks. Just like Clint Eastwood shaking down his platoon in Heartbreak Ridge…I’m sure they will go back to business as usual…but then audit again at some point…so it might be time to move to a different avenue


Ya around same time they froze Alex Jones channel!


You tube is moving away from what made it most attractive, uncensored freedom. I see Youtube going the way of myspace very very soon. Its about time for a “decentralized tube” to bring the voice back to the people!


@peter come on man i miss your streams big time! Today I had to watch Data Dash live stream and when I asked him about ETC he said : " please do not use caps and yeah … I dont see ETC going anywhere" cooommeeee on really…really you dont??? I miss you @dogelord :frowning_face:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


Nice to see @peter happy for a bit here. Figures it’s because the video is about a luxury car! :rofl:



what the update on the stream?