Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



Facebook clamping down. Got this morning.
:rocket: :tinfoilhat:

Welcome to the culling.

Once again, we expected this.
I was talking with @john about this last night.
Our next app will take care of this issue… sigh.


Wow! This shit is getting out of hand!


Ya think.


Facebook can hug a nut too.


My gosh to they understand what satire is? Or does it only apply when we are talking about approved programming like SNL.


What in the actual hell???
It’s obvious that “they” are all in on this censoring thing together…
Godspeed Dogelord!


On the plus side, the more that they clamp down on all of us, the more I believe in what @peter and @john are building!
I have now converted all of my conventional savings and stocks in to crypto and I’m ready for the long haul! :hulksmash:


I get messages and emails like this all the time.
This one from someone I haven’t spoken to in at least a month.

Just received now.

The dots connect. No conspiracy here.



@peter I don’t know if this helps but I’m still getting your video updates and rec. from youtube as of an hour ago your ICO Pump & Dump Model- Taking Over Traditional Markets!- RIOT Blockchain Hit with Class Action! was posted to me


Appreciate the feedback. We’re seeing intermittent outtages to people. I’m not sure it’s blanket. It’s a slow attrition play I believe.
Slowly cut of options, tools, functionality.
Slowly stop recommending, stop appearing.
Slowly stop notifications, searching.

Basically nothing that would immediately kill you.

Youtube doesn’t need me.
They wouldn’t mind if I quit. <- I think that’s the point.

The problem is, I can’t quit. :hulk2:


Strong hands in all aspects of life brother!
Just like in crypto, if one route is blocked we will find another!


Keep on Keeping On @peter Love your videos and streams also love the Bitcoin Pub met some great people like @Sniggly! Thank You from the working class like me who are getting into the CryptoNation for you knowledge, spirit, and comedy!!! I hope everything works out for the Best!!


what are they censoring? crypto Talk? that’s crazy and we are in the 21st century and in the USA.


I don’t think it’s crypto-talk, I’m still getting recommendations for other guys. I think what they’re cracking down on is conspiracy discussion. i’m not into conspiracies, but everyone should be allowed to speak their minds free of censorship.

this is bs, and will likely only get worse until most applications are decentralized.


Man, you posted this 1000000 times. Just stop already!


I have been seeing a lot of youtube channels experiencing the same thing. I heard Youtube also went out and apologized for many of the strikes and takedowns. Seemingly it’s a human judgement error is what they are saying. Joe Rogan also talked about it a bit and as many others said, it has effected a lot of conservatives and also gun channels. I Hope that you get those streams up again soon @peter this is just a damn shame!


I still see DCTV in both reccomended and recent uploads and the channel regularly pops up on my main page…

Some of these people probably just stopped watching your videos, or started watching other stuff than crypto vids… It doesn’t take a lot of videos on another subject before the YT algorithm changes your recommended a lot


if it was conspiracies then why is shane dawson, secure team 10 still up and running??? they have 1mil + subs and banking it on YT. They make conspiracy theories far worse than peters…

i personally think they see the brothers as a threat due to their capabilities. I mean they did build coinpuffs, cryptoyum, the pub, brothers are influencers, peters wrote books and lets not forget peter has become a worldwide sensation due to news.

I can see where these brothers are going to take this whole thing. Im in it with them, although i provide no help lol


Keep on keepin on!!!