Stream Down - Youtube / Google Censoring Us



I don’t get notified of every video, I’d say about 65% of them. Keep fighting Peter and John, we’re here for you guys. #hodl


Hey Peter/John, I’m still getting notification on Youtube just to let you know. This censorship campaign by google and facebook is absolutely sickening… #hodl


What about Instagram or periscope streaming?


@peter is on YOUTUBE NOW!!! :rocket::rocket::smile::smile:


Yep, @Peter, you are (were, at least) on youtube. So… FREEEDOOM!?


Running an experiment with Discord…
The 5th one worked!!!

The Pub is live


It appears to have saved as well, still accessible right now at least


Stream on discord today ?? Usual 8pm ?

Edit: Nvm see it on YouTube now


I didn’t get a notification but i found it myself is still there

Time to get back to spreading the real FUD
Faith Unity Diversification :explopants::explopants:

Glad to see your back Peter can’t want to grab a drink n watch the steam!!


wassssup wassssup wasssssup!



Just checked out Youtube and noticed there is a stream in there, they haven’t been giving me my notifications like others in the pub are experiencing but glad to see you up and running. Looking forward to checking it out later today once work is finished.


Are we officially ALIVE!?


@peter This is the joke behind FISH STICKS lol…


I don’t own EOS. Just hate the Censors. Was kissing up to the Steemit people hoping for up votes


I just realized today that your live streaming was turned back on and all of a sudden the live chat is now saved and stored. Could be just coincidence that certain sites got shut down until that was in place🤔 Its funny cause on a previous live stream I was typing things I knew about because I was glad it wasnt saved lol. Oh well.


no streams on Sunday anymore or for Patreon only?


He was gonna stream his drive down to columbia or something. maybe he got pulled over

Hopefully he and the booins are ok


are you sure? hope so too


@peter is it a mystery?… :joy::joy::rofl: