Studying/work? what to do?

hey pub,

i just got offered to work at a fruit and veg store for $23 an hour… but there arent any added incentives eg paid leave etc.
i have a huge fear for interviews/public speaking… but once i am working i get shit done and im confident… weird…

anyways, i am thinking of maybe studying but feel too old at age 27 this year to go back… i was wondering what jobs would be good is IT help desk worth it? or should i try something different like programming?

some insight would be appreciated. <3


id take the job, appreciate it for what it is… and then on your downtime plan your next move.

did you get to see my workshop on how to get started software programming? if not, hit me up via DM and i’ll send it to you.


im currently working for a large retail corporation which pays me $22. they also provide me with sick leave, annual leave etc. however hours are not too great only giving me 3-5 hour shifts mainly… very rarely they will give me 8 hours…


Your not too old. I spent 6 1/2 years in the military. Then worked for a couple years afterward trying to get into college. Started at age 25 and spent a year in the school of technology. Then I decided to go full engineering. So I did a year in tech, 4 years in undergrad, then an additional 1 1/2 year in grad school. It turned out just fine. Actually better than fine. It is never too late unless you saddle yourself with tons of debt. That is the danger of waiting too long. You are young, do it while you can.


hey john, can you send me the workshop vid as well? thank you!


kinda in a similar boat - i recently started working and helping my family business in retail (they sell massage chairs+home appliances+etc) and they’ve been doing fine just working within the korean/asian market. to make myself useful, i decided to give them a digital presence and just put them online at the very least.

i literally just started by redoing their website and i’m learning bits and bits just giving things a try. (zero programming background) also, because i did the site, i got curious as to who’s visiting, how long they’re on for, etc. this curiosity led me to start studying google analytics and seo in general.

i’m not sure if i’m doing anything the right way or the wrong way, the right thing or the wrong thing but, just doing. hope it helps and hope you start!


wow thats super impressive! peter always says experiment.


maybe start with a website first? any projects you’d like to make?


i have a lot of ideas, just need the skills.


start with the simplest one and start it asap! is what i did for my family and it’s not much at all but not being satisfied with a theme and wanting to customize (to a certain degree), it’s up.

now that it’s up and there are visitors, i just want to make it nicer(i feel it’s not good enough -almost shameful), like everyday. so weekly, i’m trying to upgrade+update some small things and it’s become an obsession to be honest.

i say give your simplest project a go asap and i’ll keep you accountable if you’d like!


that is very impressive if you made that website!


Like what peter said… Experiment and find something that you love to do, something that drive’s you, something that your exited to wake up to everyday. For example look at peter and john, their so passionate about the crypto nation. The markets are almost down 80% and these guy are still super happy and so involved!! Just do what you love, and your very young so don’t stress yourself. Take your time and you’ll figure it out soon :beer:


haha i didnt code up the entire thing, just decided shopify would suit+picked a theme that fit into my goals and made the tweaks :slight_smile: the features and customization i want to do lets me get hands on with the site.

really, start with something so basic as this and it’ll really boost up your confidence to start taking on harder tasks. just give it a go!


27yrs is NOT old bro. Go for it! Matter of fact your real world experience will help you out a lot in the classroom and to understand the theory. So go get that degree!


Hey John, id like the link as well, please.

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