Superstar YouTuber With Over One Billion Views Won’t Stop Tweeting About Bitcoin — No Matter What People Think

Bitcoin has a loyal fan.

YouTube superstar Michelle Phan says Bitcoin is the best way to protect one’s assets in the event of a financial downturn.

Tweeting to her 880,000 Twitter followers on Sunday, Phan says BTC isn’t an investment, but a reserve.

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Bitcoin isn’t an investment. It’s a reserve, the best savings technology that will protect your purchasing power during a financial crisis. When monetary freedom takes a hit, Bitcoin becomes the lifeline. …

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I am uncomfortable that Michelle Phan keeps telling her young audience to buy Bitcoin over and over again. It’s shady as fuck, and not a stable investment, and MP is not a financial advisor.


12:38 PM - Oct 13, 2019

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With over 1.1 billion YouTube views, the pioneering beauty mogul was named on Forbes’s 30 under 30 list in 2015. The same year, she raised $100 million to value Ipsy, the company she co-founded, at over $500 million. She left the firm in 2017.

Once she discovered Bitcoin and Ethereum, Phan became an ardent proponent.

The entrepreneur says she’s more excited about Bitcoin than she was when she first discovered YouTube, reports The Cut.

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10 years ago, I was ridiculed for quitting my job to pursue my YouTube channel. No one saw the potential in the platform like I did.

Years later, I was ridiculed again for investing in BTC and ETH.

I like having the last laugh 🙂


1:54 PM - Aug 19, 2018

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Says Phan,

“I am a lover of decentralization. YouTube is decentralized, in the sense that anyone can have a channel, have their own network, and make their own content.

[Bitcoin is] not run by any higher authority power. It’s not a company. There are no board members. For the first time in history, you can be your own bank. We’ve never had that before.”

After a long hiatus, the iconic influencer, who has amassed a following of 8.9 million subscribers, returned to YouTube last month.

Her return ignited a stream of comments with fans calling her ‘The Queen’.


Nice! But she should study up on decentralization more. YouTube is definitely not decentralized.


Oh man this is great!
Good exposure!


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