Swing trading ICX


Hi all, long time follower and creeper, first post!

I used to be a pure HODLer, but after going from $37,000 worth of ICX to a now meager $22,000ish (aprox). I thought I needed to lock in my gains next time these moves go parabolic again. That said… I was inspired by a few posts here, where someone was talking about trying for a 1% trade a day.

So I looked at a compound interest calculator and put in $10,000… So at 1% daily interest I’d be a millionaire in under 600 days or something… So I got to thinking… If I make 1.5% on every swing trade… (.5% to cover the transaction fee) Wouldnt each swing constitute a day? Meaning… it would take me 600 trades to be a millionaire, not counting interest from natural growth of holdings… Math people… am I missing something??? Please lemme know if I am…

Percentages are cut off, but lowest swing is like 1.2% amd Highest is 5.56%

Anyways, here’s 9 trades for today… took 4 hours. (This was mostly ICX, IOTA, BNB and Ripple).

Thanks for reading!

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But we’ve made 250% in a week by just hodling.


You got it pretty well covered conceptually. But practically, it is implausible to be CONSISTENTLY successful with swing trading. If it’s that simple or achievable, everyone would have done that. The fact is that many have tried, and only ended up getting burned.


Yeah, but when ICX spiked to $8 last week… I wish I took some off the table. I mean, I’m not messing with my position in ICX… but I am swinging in and out with some of my BTC thats on the exchange…


Yeah, everything I’ve read has talked me out of doing it… but after, I’m going to try it for a bit and see where it goes… maybe I’m the 4% that can do it, won’t know unless I try.


All the best! Keep us posted!


Give it a shot with a smallish amount (enough to still realise gains - ie not $100USD), and see how it goes. I’ve made two trades on ICX and bought back in both times for a profit of about 50ICX. Mind you I’m only trading with ~10% of my ICX holdings. Most of it I won’t touch.


Ironically I’ve been getting more into swing trading and have been doing so with ICX the last two days while tracking it. Currently sitting at a .098 profit in BTC value.


Yeah, I think it’s the perfect storm, because we see the value of it, so it’s not hard to pull the trigger and scoop up the dips… I increased my ICX position by quite a bit doing this… If ICX could just get above $5.60 again I would unlock a bunch of positions I got stuck in… Oooops…


I’ve been swinging OMG and smashing “free” OMG’s into ICX. Remember that you don’t have to swing trade the actual coin that you want.

Also, this really only works when there’s a lot of volatility as well as some downward momentum. Swinging in this fashion is pretty much just shorting. If it stops going down this will not work. Since crypto is the biggest bull run ever it’s not likely to work out for very long.


I been swing trading IOTA. I tend not to swing trade coins I HODL.


OMG huh? BNB was a nice ride down this morning, but I didn’t have the history with the coin and couldn’t get myself to put in a big position… was firing off $2,500 at a time.


I like IOTA, but it moves so damn slow!


I focus my attention to the highest volume coin that’s not significantly +/- %. The most stable on the day with the highest volume. On those 1m charts there seems to be a lot of opportunity.


Yeah, OMG seems to react quite a bit to the ups and downs of the market. If you have a bunch of OMG you can do pretty safe $1 swings getting 20 - 40 coins for free each time(Assuming you have 400 - 500 coins). Just make sure you sell a peak and it’s not in an upward trend, just an oscillating day.


So far so good I think… Day 2 results and thoughts: I’m managing my risk and equities like a poker player… the deeper the corrections, the more I put in… i.e. Huge down swings on ICX are like pocket Aces to me—must go all in! That said, I still haven’t take the full 10K swings I was thinking I would do
with my experiment. I left a few of these positions overnight, but they all got filled. Lucky me. No losing trades yet… dunno if I’m beating the market, not sure how I would track that… any suggestions are most welcome… I’m very new to this, but thought I might give it a whirl!


Same here…I’m currently 13/13 on all trades taking 4 minutes to 3 hours averaging $139 profit per trade using 1,000 ICX per trade.


Yeah… it’s easy money, as long as your’e at the Computer!


Very much so, I’m averaging $166/hr.


You should do 1000.36 or something so I know its you when I check the order book lol!