Swing trading ICX


I agree. takes real guts to be able to share your experiences, good and bad.


I think Kenny uses a mix.

To start with is doesn’t matter how much you are trading with. Just understand the goal is to make 1-3% based on Kenny’s methodology. So if you are reading with 100icx you are aiming for a return of 101-103 icx (equivalent in BTC).

Then with your next trade you are looking to invest 101-3 and make another 1-3% on top of that.

I’m sure Kenny did some trades where he went all in and others where he divided his totally to make the small gains as well :).

Personally when i do it (again i am the opposite of an expert so take with a pinch of salt), I look at a chart for then longer term and on minutes to try and work out when a currency is particularly low and will make a trade then.

Good luck with it!


No one knows what amount is right for you.

We all want certainty and we all want a fool proof system to follow but there isn’t one.

First. Before risking any of your money, research day trading and swing trading. Trading is the same…buy low and sell high. The difference comes down to TIMEFRAMES, INDICATORS AND RISK MANAGEMENT. Technical analysis is about PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS.

Each trading timeframe, 1min, 5min,15min, 30min, 1 hour, etc… each has indicators that suit it although many of the same indicators can be used. Indicators have parameters that can/should be tweaked depending on your timeframe.

What you really need to do is determine your personality style which will determine the timeframe you choose to trade. For example, I don’t want to be married to the computer screen nor do I like the frantic, stressful pace of day trading so I focus on swing trading over days or weeks.

I also only trade in coins I’m a long term holder of because if a trade goes bad and I’m stuck into a position that went the opposite direction of what I thought and I didn’t use a stop loss, I’m confident that I will get my money back because of my research and belief in the coin.

There are plenty of youtube resources. Check out Chart Guys on YouTube for good videos about technical analysis. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqZ2hx679DqRi6khRUNw2g/videos


Thanks man, actually I have been in this game for a good while too. And I already have a good amount invested. I just wanted to know how kenny himself does it. Thank you for your advice though!


I think Kenny has decided to leave. What is in the thread thus far will have to make do. I think he’s left a fair trove of things to analyze. Just look at his trades and his mistakes he talks about.


Ugh. WHAT!?! That’s so sad. :’( I was really enjoying everything he posted. I’m disappointed with the way that people were bagging on him. I think we need to get him back somehow. That makes me pretty angry.


He can come and go as he pleases; I’m sure that things just got nagging and he doesn’t feel like he has to prove his system anyway. He’s left behind plenty of information for you to follow in his footsteps. I’m sure you can utilize this thread and your own experiments to amass your coins. It would have been nice to have more talks, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. He said earlier he bases it off his feel.


He messaged me directly a few days ago. I get it. He doesn’t come here to get criticised. He just comes here to share his experience and what he is doing which personally I think if pretty brave.

I myself have been trying to do day trading/swing trading but I wouldn’t be brave enough to post updates on my wins and loses like Kenny did out of fear of just getting trolled!

If only people could just listen and appreciate :slight_smile:


This was an awesome read. Hope you smash that hodl account Kenny. I used to play a shit load of online and live poker. I found that a lot of skills and also a mindset I developed doing that has helped me transit to trading.


Yoooo, @Kenny_K and people that enjoyed his Swing trading group.

I’m attempting to pick up the slack with super slow monthly updates :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone is interested you can catch what I’m doing over here: Brents Story, Moon Goals and Trading Blog!


(Leaving ego aside to talk about something we all care about).

We broke down past our biggest support up at the 6500s. There is honestly no new/ formidable support until we get back down to 4099, and 3300. If Bitcoin dives below 7500 again, I’m looking for these levels to become a reality. Thoughts? Discussion?

My simple road map: https://www.tradingview.com/x/z87ip2sL/


KENNY!!! I’m so glad to see you back! I was so sad you left brother, you’re the man!


you sold all shares at the beginning of buy zone 1? hope you didn’t lose money because of that.


(Don’t worry about me, this is not about me… discuss your thoughts… put it out there). I sold before the summit sell off, I bought back in @ 6400 thinking it was the bottom, and a reversal was coming. So I definitely bleeding… I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Hmmm… we only had two previous touch points @ 5000, but it looks like it has a chance to hold here. Gonna need Bitcoin to recover though methinks…


Pretty steady 3% channel, dwindling now… but I gained 200 ICX off of it. I don’t think she’ll hold much longer, this is probably the cleanest guess I’ve made in awhile since the alt coin meltdown.


Great topic.

I’ve been day trading and swing trading ICX too, ever since after the summit and ICX started hemorrhaging.

Increased my ICX stack by about 41% since then


teach me, master sensei.


where can i learn to swing trade properly, last time i tried i l lost 500 icx which hurt

really did burn


Dont forget the 30%+ income taxes u need to put on top of every trade.