Swing trading ICX


I would like to teach people how to day trade and swing trade (and even scalp) but I it’s not really something that can be done within one or even a few posts here. I would feel bad if I gave you shallow information causing you to lose satoshis, because, forgve me if i sound arrogant, but you can get burned badly if you are not proficient.

It’s not a simple matter of looking at indicators and clicking buttons. You need to be able to hedge bets, react quickly to curve balls, and basically have a solid depth of understanding regarding technical analysis. You need to be able to react really quickly if something changes - technical analysis is not a crystal ball and things can change

I can give you some topics to look into that really help me with scalping, day trading, swing trading, and even position trading sometimes.

  • First I would learn support/resistance/volume. absolutely critical.
  • Then candlestick charting - this is a basic but vital concept. Eventually you will learn about consolidation/break out/breakdown
  • Then you can learn about indicators like MA, MACD, RSI, squeeze. If you have the aforementioned concepts down, these make trading a breeze
  • Then comes elliot wave theory

There are a some good youtubers who help break down TA for crypto. Data Dash and Philakone are great. Google the terms I listed and learn as much about them. Quite frankly these resources will help you far more than I ever probably could. But I’m always here for specific questions and I’ll try to help as best I can


Ty, I’ll give a deeper dive into those subjects!


I’ve never used a bot, just looking at the charts on volatile days. Especially days that are down so that you can sell and rebuy. If I swing it’s to increase my coins by shorting not try to take USD profits.


Damn RSI easy to read once its time passed but in the mean time its hard to tell for me, hate myself lol


Buy signal for whale ?


so are we moving to this thread since its still open?


Thanks, can you explain the difference between scalping, day trading, and swing trading ?

I assumed they were all the same thing.



You swing trade on the 4 hours or daily chart and day trade 1/3/5/15min chart for a quick buck or more coins and for scalping no idea


6,4,2,1 hr bollingers are really squeezed … price action should be coming soon.


Up or down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the way up! :rocket:


u’d need a trader for that answer ! I’m just a noob lol

but I see more red volume bars on the last readings, which is no bueno ? RSI momentum on those times also on the borderline to go down too.



I’m seeing a flag forming for the past 9 hours or so… But what do I know?..




I think we gonna have a great week-end with icon the rsi look good same for the macd, whales are accumulating like crazy since we under 0,0005


Where can you see whales accumulating?


Which time frame are you seeing a flag?


from the 1 hour go smaller


Right now on binance you have a buy order of 50k icon yeah he remove the wall after sometime but it’s accumulating at the same time