Swing trading ICX


I will wait on what will happen before i go full retard into icx :explopants6:
When should we see what happens next? what timeframe is expected?

Timeframe i mean when the pattern will be broken so we can see sustainable increase in price :slight_smile:


You dont need too go all in but right now the price is really low, for the " timeframe " i dont know if you ask for a swing trade or hodling but maybe 3 days before he bounce back up too 0,00065


In my opinion we’ll see a bigger move up if it makes a bullish candlestick pattern after making its way down or across towards the daily trend line.



well I see atleast one more push downward before potentially going up


Hopefully pushes down Friday for dca then :rocket::+1:


So right now is not the best time to buy is it?
The rsi is below 30 aswell


Yes and no,
long term hold yes(but waiting for a better entry will make you feel better in the short term).
Short term trade no.:v:


It was just oversold actually so deduce what you want from that.


I sure as hell would love to make some gains. not a lot but something to bring the spirit up. still down 40-50% on my portfolio due to this whole correction. I’m not looking for big gains since all my portfolio is long HODL but sure like like to not be at a loss of 40-50%. just my 2 cents


Then welcome to the show my friend. What are you currently hodling?


Could Feb 14 be the true love day for ICX too ?


god damn hope so…shes really testing her love


it broke in time that triangle :grin:




no entirely, depth chart is in favor of the red side.


A depth chart doesn’t necessarily tell you the trend because when you create a buy order your BTC or USD or USDT etc… gets held up in that trade.

And, people don’t often leave their money tied up unless they’re selling. It’s more common to have a goal in mind when you’re going to sell your holdings versus the exact point you’ll buy.

There’s numerous decisions you can make when buying. Do you wait until the price bottoms out. Do you look for another favorable trade, do you just buy when you get your money into an exchange because you don’t care about daily/weekly changes, are you dollar cost averaging in which case you’ll likely just hit buy as soon as it hits the exchange and so on.


yep, never said “definitely” :laughing:


I am currently holding icx and Ada., Doing DCA on Both of those but I ended up messing up and bought a shipload When btc was 9k, So I gotta wait to the end of February before I can put more money in.


Oh wow. Well good news is ICX is on the up and up. I’m not gonna give you financial advice but I do preach the gospel of Swing trading on here. Its like DCA with a little risk and free returns if done correctly. I started out in ICX with 1200 coins before the crash. I currently own 1461. I have not invested a single dollar since the crash. Its making me feel a little better like Im moving towards a better return should the bulls come bk in full force.


you can always average in the end and getting more without spending is win/win here, gratz !