Swing trading ICX


Nice. I don’t know much about swing trading besides sell high and buy low perhaps when i get off of work i can pick you brain a little?


sure, DM me when you’re off


But for example if you had sold at 4900 and were to buy back in now. You would have made more ICX and in turn more money for your same amount. Its like locking in profits and buying back at a lower rate with those profits.


Those support/resistance lines are some sort of witchcraft stuff


Which direction will it break out of that symmetric triangle, that’s the $64,000 question


there has been several green volume bars, bigger than reds … so good accumulation going on, we’ll see what happens.


DCA Fridays = Green Volume Bars! :explopants6:


Still haven’t bought my icx and neo :cryingjordan:


I sold at 5166 and put in a buy order for 4900. Too much of a gap? Total noob here just giving it a try.


2-3% swings is how you do it. i think your targets are solid


That’s a good looking 1 day chart


Look like BTC want too ruin the party, alot of alt taking a dive right now


ICX will go up with it like a rubber band. I think we’ll get a nice pump at some point within the next several hours.


Shout out to this thread! I just did my first swing trade… and using my precious ICX so was a little scary but I came out with an extra 20 ICX! That’s $2,000 in less than 15 minutes (you know the price will be $100 each end of this year so just agree and not question it) :slight_smile:


Well done mate,

What was your entry/exit levels? And what made you decide to put the trade on? :smiley: @Duttydirtz


Bought at 4400 and sold at 4300… could have got more if i waited a little longer but i didnt want to risk it and stare at my screen for hours! I’m meant to be working :grin:


Isn’t that a loss? Or, did you mix up the numbers?


He bought BTC at 4400 and sold at 4300 :smiley:

It’s good that while we’re in these low satoshi levels these small moves are worth decent %s


I think it’s a bold move since selling it on a loss knowing it will go down more and basically be able to buy more for less eventually covers the loss you just made and by the time the coin goes up means he will profit more.
I can be wrong how i explained it but i did those a couple of times and end up benifiting in the end.


I’m envious of your courage. The shit terrifies me lol