TA is bullshit and I will prove it


The DCTV throw-down of the century is here. @TheNewEra has agreed to debate and challenge me on the daily. His TA vs my random Coin flip to decide if a coin will be up or down on the day. Who will win? (i think you already know) show you support in the YouTube comments. YouTube videos to be posted in the thread below.

It’s on!


This is going to be epic!


Its On!..


Oh the Lulz!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Rock Him! :hulksmash:


you would use a fake wrestling gif. Nonsense gif from a nonsense practice (TA)

Time will show me to be victorious


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@GrillingWithGuns I’m your Huckleberry :cowboy_hat_face:


You will need this @GrillingWithGuns before you flip that coin… Hope it Helps. :cowboy_hat_face:


Welcome to the show https://youtu.be/WvGopsM1G9g


This thread is a bullshit. Why? Thinking incorrectly, incompletely and amateur.

TA is not meant to be used as the only one parameter in an equation.

If you ask, for example, Goldman Sachs trader how they approach one of their assets (and they always hold many not-correlated assets btw), he/she will tell you that they make decision approx. 80% on Fundamental Analysis and 20% Technical Analysis.

So the TA supports FA, and otherwise.

These are complementary for professional traders.

I’m sure you are not a professional (yet) if you have formulated thread like that.

I trade only NANO/BTC, it can move only one way for profit (long), it has basically only one FA parameter → where the BTC is going :slight_smile: I win more than 50% trades. My risk to reward ratio is 1:1.5-2. Calculate yourself. Is this a BS ? :slight_smile: I enter position purely on TA. Swing trading.

Of course, I would be an amateur if I would also trade, for example, ONT/BTC. Why? Because they are highly correlated and this is an amateurs mistake.

BTW: I agree, youtubers and their TA sucks 99%.

Good luck :slight_smile:


we will start our series shortly. time will tell if this thread or TA is bullshit.



Gonna have to side with @TheNewEra on this one!


great post, and similar to what I was going to reply with… Technical Analysis isn’t a crystal ball. if it was that easy everyone would be billionaires.

Many factors come into play when trading. you use all of the information, indicators, and data you have to help you make the most educated and predictive decision you can make.

thats magnified even more in crypto, which is even more speculative then the stock markets.


That’s what I meant, this thread is a nonsense.

Here are the answers, to save your time guys:

  • If you do only TA > You won’t be successful (and non-professional “investor” or “trader” will call it a bull-shit)
  • If you do FA + TA > You will be successful (since you know when to open position with your pre-analysed asset).

Checking what youtubers have said and judging if TA works based on that, well, I guess, can be fun for non-professionals. So, have you fun.


I’ve met a few successful traders that only TA for their active trading.


I use TA and also factor in the news and current events on the horizon i work of a 86% win rate so to say TA is bullshit maybe a little bit of an over statement its not always right but i don’t know a trader that is :man_shrugging:


I like the Wealthfront approach,algorithmic investing based on your long term goals,the algorithms factor in both TA and FA to come up with the allocation that suits the investor. Crypto is more volatile but a similar approach seems much better than a coin toss,dice roll,etc.


Dam this thread blew up, sorry ive been gone, been busy.

By all means i’m not an expert at all i am just a rookie to the game and trying to learn TA, but with the help of Pub members and watching tutorials ive learned how to make better decisions when purchasing Bitcoin and alts I have even recovered losses that i made when i fomoed in, before finding the Pub.