TABconf2019 Blockchain conference in Atlanta on February 9 and 10 - Pay with crypto!



GOAL: Make the best bang for the bit conference on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. This conference will most likely be at cost.

- Breakfast/Lunch/ (both days)
- After party drinks with the best view of the city
- T-shirt
- Physical bullion collectable tabconf coin
- Access to 2 days worth of speakers, swag, sponsors and networking

Buy your ticket with Bitcoin and save on fees!

More info here: (feb 9-10, 2019)

Currently looking for speakers in the realm of Lightning Network, Atomic Swaps, and best practice for security in and around wallet development for server and mobile.
If you have a topic or a speaker you feel I should include please let us know here or [](

Tickets will be sold in tiers with increasing price, make sure to get your tickets ASAP if you want to come.
If you would like to sponsor the event please contact [](


This is a really great blockchain and cryptocurrencies education group. They have well-attended monthly meetups, enthusiastic/ actively practicing/ knowledgeable members, and last year they put on a high quality conference. It might have been beginners luck but that experience made this years speakers even better and they come with a year’s more knowledge. Confirmed 2019 speakers include Jameson Lopp who is one of the worlds’ 100 most influential blockchain experts and Cherie Aimee who is a top 100 amongst women in blockchain. This is a techie’s conference - little business talk and lots of hard core technical and platform/ user philosophical discussions


We are adding some business related speakers so that more value can be given to the attendees.

To book now, at a discounted rate (10% off), use code TabConfCPA10.