Take care of my 13yr old son and my mother

Currently owning a bitcoin is all I look forward too. I live on an Indian reservation, so when I start discussing bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and such, my fellow plainsmen look at me like im dreaming or lost in space. Im a 30y old single father, whom loves his son dearly. All I want is help my community develop financially so the youth can have the tools to develop there futures to be leaders of tomorrow. I believe the county I live in, which is Sioux county, ND. is like top five in America on the poverty stricken counties. So I hope I can achieve that. Id like to thank you if your reading this.


You have awesome aspirations and I applaud you. Never give up!


Welcome to the pub! Taking care of family is a very popular goal for many of us.

I’m familiar with at least one project where an associate of mine is dealing with a casino looking into crypto-currency solutions which is likely on an Indian reservation as well. Beyond that, I can imagine your frustration. The most difficult thing I’ve found in discussing the topic of crypto with “outsiders” is the lack of education about finance, and technology of the average person. You have to go to where the maturity and intellect is, otherwise you’ll find yourself like many others, quite lonely in the space watching Andreas videos in the dark.

As you venture on this path you are headed, you will quickly gain knowledge that your fellow person simply doesn’t have, nor do they understand or care about it as much as you. You’ve come to a good place where you can discuss and share your ideas, opinions, and what you’ve learned here at thebitcoin.pub with like minded people. You’ll find the Saddington’s platforms very open and accepting. I am also new here myself and still gaining a feel for which people can engage in mature, deep, articulated, and intellectual conversations about topics regarding technology, finance, and crypto-currency. I appreciate you joining and look forward to helping each other in any way.


DUDE AMAZING! wish you luck


thanks gents for your input…

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im at a standstill…S.O.S fr…lol theres no knowledge in my area for growth…been seeking…

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