Take care of my parents and other family

I don’t even own a tenth of a bitcoin yet, but I’m slowly climbing. Owning one is my very first goal, then just put a little in here and there each week.

As a college student, I have had a lot of help from my family in many different ways. From support and encouragement to telling me to get my ass in gear when I needed it, they always been there. I couldn’t ask for a better more loving fam. While they helped me, I always felt kinda bad. I’ve never once in my life asked another person for money, because I’ve always wanted to be a person that others can depend on for help rather than having constantly depend on others. Due to this, I’ve the strongest sense of wanted to give back to my family both with my time and hopefully money. While I don’t want to be ignorant enough to think I’m going to make it big with my meager entries into crypto or that crypto would remotely be the only way to help, I do think what I earn will be able to go a long way for them. It’ll be a small start, but it’ll help in starting my own family and carrying the ones who may be down.

TLDR: Family is one of the most important things that there is and I want to take care of them.


It’s time to roll your own.
It’s time to go big.

Let’s do this!

Thanks so much for sharing!

To the moon! :rocket:


You have the right mind set and I wish you luck! Depending on what you are doing with your career, asking for financial support will be a big part of it. Life will have ups and downs and leave you feeling kicked in the nuts at the worst of times the older you get. While you are young, you have less responsibilities and life is a bit easier. Unfortunately it only gets harder the older you get.

Speaking from experience, when I was not between jobs, I did the same thing for my parents. It does feel good to be successful and to have extra money to help them but when I am now in need, they help me, as do my in laws. You’ll know what it’s like to swallow your pride when you have to ask your father or mother in law for mortgage payments because the company you worked for went bankrupt. I am almost 40 and what I have learned is the best thing you can do for your future self is build your own wealth, but never be too proud to ask for help. They don’t teach you how to ask for help in school, life and your peers must complete that education.


Thanks buddy. You’re right. It’s tough to want to ask for help and even tougher to realize you need it. That’s been a lesson I’m still learning and having some great friends and God has made the hard times much more bearable. It’s really about helping each other out and watching each other’s backs.

Thanks for your post man. Definitely will keep it in mind:

Lesson 1: ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, wear a cup. :sunglasses:


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