Taking a gamble on Edgeless

With the recent dip in most Alts it’s a great time to take a position in some projects you believe have good potential for future growth. One such project for me is Edgeless. We all know how big gambling is and with more people getting into crypto everyday the market for online gambling with cryptos can only get bigger. Due to launch later this year the Edgeless ethereum blockchain based casino is certainly worth taking a little gamble on in my opinion. They will also be offering sports betting as well as casino games.


Some 100% growth since your post. It’s been a good punt thus far.


any info on them using smart contracts for sports betting?

for me thats the future of crypto. someone is going to realize that the niche market for sports betting on smart contracts is a milti billion dollar business

alot of gambling and casino coins right now but nothing ive found investable so far


Apparently they use smart contracts

All our games run on an Ethereum Smart Contract. Because of that, casino has literally no technical possibilities to cheat.


Thats awesome. Just picked up 10 shares with the scraps of BTC left in my bitrex wallet. will read up more on it and look to get a bigger position for sure. thanks for the heads up


Looks like it’s consolidating for now. Needs to retrace a little…perhaps.

Countdown to the website launching starts Monday. Will wait and see whether that is already built in to it. It’s definitely on the radar though.

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ill probably pick up 100 shares just to watch it while i research it. typically im much more conservative and will vet for weeks but ive been really wanting to invest in this space for a while now!


Thanks @GarethDavies for putting this on my radar. just picked up another 92 shares to bring me 100 and look to add more next paycheck

Still in my vetting process but extremely encouraged so far reading through their whitepaper and looking into their founders and senior employees. It is no secret in these parts ive been looking to get onboard with a coin that pairs smart contracts and sports betting. im very conservative in general and have already passed on a dozen or more gambling tokens, so im excited reading about one that checks off alot of my boxes…

here are some of the things i like about edgeless so far:

  1. ALL of their casino games, lotteries, and sports betting are done on smart contracts. This isnt just another casino coin that uses blockchain for its public ledger. they use smart contracts for everything. why is this important? because it creates a 100% trust and automatic wallet payouts. you dont need to worry about who is in control, you dont need to worry about the system being cheated. the smart contract is public, for everyone to see, with odds and parameters built in. and once the game/bet is over the smart contract automatically executes and the winner gets the funds to their wallet. smart contracts also allow you to play casino games and bet with 0% fees and no vig. anyone who gambles knows how huge that is.

As ive said in the past, i dont see a more natural or usefull fit for smart contracts then gambling/betting.

  1. They have a policy in place to destroy tokens to prevent against inflation/devaluation of tokens. this is goverened by a smart contract, and thus locked in. investors are protected. the amount of edgeless tokens will be controlled and kept in balance for optimal value. they also have

  2. profit sharing. edgeless uses a lottery system for kind of a profit sharing for stake holders. 1/2 of token profits are put into a lottery. you can only enter this lottery using your edge tokens and the payout is in ethereum.

  3. their teams has a great mixed. Founded by people who know the gambling business and a team behind them that know the ethereum/smart contract business. professional gamblers, former casino co-founders and ethereum smart contract developers. they also have backing by some big whales. One eof their cofounders comes from a peer to peer network background. they have all their bases covered.

TL;DR put it through the simple filer

Do they solve a problem?

Yes. three actually. gauranteed fairness, removing the middleman/vig in betting, and removing the casino’s edge in luck based games

Were they first?

yes? Maybe not the first but if not very early. and the first casino/gambling token on ethereums block chain

Do they have a market differentiator?

yes. they use smart contracts to gaurantee the fairness of the bets and the payouts. their skill at luck games gaurantee a 0% casino edge.

Can someone do it bigger/better?

yes. there is nothing proprietary here although they are the only ones currently using smart contracts. someone can potentially come and do it better, bigger, or just with better marketing.

3/4 for the filter. definitely investable especially in a multi billion dollar market… one in which they are first/early as the only ethereum smart contract based gambling coin.


looks like they have an announcement set for 2-3 hours from now on their launch date and getting their casino license!

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Cheers for all of that. Yes, I’ve been keeping up wit the price action and announcements. Allocated some funds towards getting in but not sure if the announcement is built into the price yet. I’m guessing so. But I’ve seen too many people burned by underwhelming news recently leading to sharp drops so I’m waiting on it.


yeah i dont know how the news effects the price… but getting their licensing is a step towards going live and longtermt hat will lead to increases.

the fact that you need to buy edge tokens to gamble in their casino is huge for investors. you have gamblers putting fiat into the system. so this is an instance were a working product does make a big difference.

i wouldnt mind a dip. 12 days until i see a paychack an if its under a dollar thats another 200 or 300 tokens for me


Nice to see people talking about EDG on the pub.

I bought 100 shares at 70 cents few weeks ago.

As you said @JasonMasterNET asonMasterNet

I fully agree w/ you.

Sports betting + Smart contracts it’s a winning combination.


yeah i typically dont get too excited about investments but every since i learned about smart contracts i thought this was a winning idea. even looked into getting involved in it but too much red tape and hurdles. but happy to invest in someone elses project.

since antshares there hasnt been a project ive been excited about. ive invested in some other things like syscoin and omisego but nothing that excited me like this


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I don’t know how I feel about this one, I think it could have potential gains and be a good investment, but is there some morality in gaining from people gambling? I’m 50/50 on this lol.

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Gamblers gonna gamble. It’s either the existing organisations profitting from that or it’s someone else that invests in the next innovation to be adopted.


They just posted this:

Talking about what is about to come in the next weeks.

0.1 Edgeless platform will be launch the 28th of september.

P.S: At the same moment the news went online, the price drop drastically from 0.00035 to 0.00028

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Official Launch Day of 0.1 Edgeless
The official launch day of 0.1 Edgeless is 2017 September 28th, Thursday, 17:00 +3 GTM.
A handy website to match time zones is: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
Casino License
We are still working on a casino license from Curacao jurisdiction. We have full confidence that it’s going on the positive side; however, it’s taking longer than usual because our project is quite unusual for regulators.
Next status update on a license will be in October.


Good news for for those looking to get in or increase positions though.


People was expecting too much :zipper_mouth_face:

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