Taking a loan to invest


Go for it man! Own it to yourself, the greater the risk the greater the reward.
But beware of the worst case scenario, if you’re willing to live with it, then just do it.


I mentioned earlier that in Romania the interest is not that bad ( I will pay 6k to get 5k over 5 years). Btc just went kaboom to 4.2k, that growth would’ve paid the loan for 2 months, let alone the other coins. I’m doing this on Monday the earliest. The only problem I have (like some other people here) is that I need a good cash out skeme, so I don’t get too greedy etc


Amen to that Peter! Also, another option for assets to potentially sell for value.


I think so. I really like the what your doing… yah!!! I love the sounds of the send and receive on the Exodus wallet!


Been to the bank about 1 week ago, their crediting system was down.
Went now and they wanted to make a fool of me, they offered me a credit card w/ 2.500$ (credit cards = scam).
Fucc that I’ll do this on my own, tried trading as a joke and I made 50% profits in 3 weeks (with a small investment of 100$). I’ll start putting money aside - all in trading and I’ll get the bar up for myself.
Thank you all for your advices and support :v:


sunno about u… i still thinking this is not a good idea… unless u really100x know what ur doing


Lose your own money :slight_smile: i would not recommend offering up your thumbs and kneecaps as deposit on your little scheme :slight_smile:


Investing with borrow money is always a BIG no…no"…imo


I took out a loan of $1000 to invest upfront and have been adding my own $ as well.

seemed like a good idea at the time haha


Bold move uve made there


bro please dont borrow money with intrest from bank or anyone i dont want to see you suffer from this in case of mistakes happened try to as what our master told you to save some money to start trading from your own money
good luck bro best wishes to you


Before thinking you’e made “double or triple” your money be sure to calculate how much you’ve paid in interest and how much you will pay before you erase the borrowed debt.

12-24% APR is the standard range for loans and credit. if you can make 25% or more consistently in crypto thats amazing. so be careful!


Well said bro… im full time crypto trader… have my calculated risk and so on… have aĺl backup plan ready, just in case it went bust… but still thinking loan is a bad idea lol… this 2 factor wont mix… imho…


I bend over backwards to NOT give financial advice on the forum. But this is an will always be the 1 exception, because i believe it is so dangerous.

It is a REALLY bad idea to take out loans to invest in crypto. Has it worked for people before? yes. will it work for people again? yes. Are the risk factors acceptable. NO!

Even if the Crypto you do invest in goes up, you may still see yourself at a loss instead of the profit. You are probbaly looking at 12-24% APR to finance your crypto purchase. 12-24% is ALOT. you would really need to crush it with your investments. lets look at some scenarios.

Lets say you borrowed $10000 at 12% interest to buy NEO at $34 because you saw it reach 54, got some FOMO and didnt want to miss out. With NEO dropping to 34 you viewed it as a great entry point because it was down $20 and you were buying at a dip.

NEO is a great invesment. buying at $34, not a bad play at all.

You now own: $10000 worth of NEO (290 shares)
You now owe: $10000 to your lender

Fast forward 2 weeks. NEO is now at $24.

You now own: $6960 worth of NEO (29 shares)
You now owe: $10100 to your lender (12% APR on $10000 for month 1)

You just made a GOOD investment, yet you are already $3170 in debt and are paying COMPOUNDED interest on that debt every month.

Whats worse? you now have a monthly payment coming up, and will probably only pay the minimum since your low on cash (which is why you borrowed in the first place).

This is REALLY dangerous… especially if the FUD sits in and you sell at a loss or try and chase the losses jumping on other coins, with transaction fees cutting into your funds and missing out on the NEO rebound.

Let me give an anology:

This would be like using your credit card to buy $10000 worth of chips at a casino and then gambling. if you dont win, you now just lost money AND owe your credit card interest on the 10K

This is how people racking up huge debt and get into trouble. could it work and make you rich? sure. but the risk is enormous


It’s crazy how this is still a discussion.


Investing with a loan is pretty much the same as investing on margin. It’s a very bad idea in crypto. The fact that you’re paying interest makes it so that you need quick swings. It limits your strategies.

HODL is not really a thing when you’re paying 12% interest. You will have to make some awesome swing trades and never get caught in a dip.

The only thing that can make this palatable is that fact that you’re very young. If you plan to take on crazy risk with high reward while young it might work out. Mainly because if you are forced to file chapter 7 you will recover from that filing at a still young age.

Still, I advise having your own money in the bank with basically no debts before investing heavily. Losing money that is disposable income is quite a bit different than losing money that you owe to someone plus interest.

AT the very least I hope you have been playing with your own money for months and consider yourself very skilled.


personally i would never go into debt to engage in an extremely high risk investment…


Suddenly thought of this topic looking at coin market cap today… I do hope that you did not end up pulling the trigger and taking a loan out to invest. As you see today, this market is extremely volatile and bad news can have drastic meta changes in the market psychology. I do hope you ended up doing Dollar Cost Averaging to join this market, as that really helps eliminate all the volatility we are experiencing as of late. #cryptonation


@AeN Get the loan, bro :smiley: You can just pay it off ASAP and keep making that money. Or, raise your credit limit and then go for the 10k next :smile:


Credit cards in the USA are not a scam, you can make a lot of points if you use it for business expenses. You just have to be smart and pay them 100% off immediately.

A loan from Trumps parents is not the same as a loan from the bank.

Just remember you can 10x your income, it will be difficult and you will have to force yourself to be an anomaly to rise above your peers