Taking a loan to invest


Hey guys, it’s been a while.
Nice to see everyone’s feedback, I appreciate both the ‘go for it’ and ‘dude you should think about it’ comments.
I haven’t taken any loans, I started saving money and trade simultaneously.
I’ve made lots of mistakes while trading but fortunately (kind of) I did not lose any money, but instead I shit on my intuition and lost lots of opportunities (I’m not mad though, people are barely getting aware of the crypto world now so 2018 sounds like a great year to look forward too).
However, I do regret not taking a loan (I wasn’t really able to). I initially wanted to take this loan to put it all in NXT, which would’ve brought me profits of x30 by now. Then I switched the plan and thought it’d be better to invest in BTC / NXT / ARDR, for more safety. The profits would’ve been similar. Then I made a list of coins that I wanted to turn into a portfolio (NEO, EOS, WAVES, WINGS, AUGUR, DECRED, ARAGON, UBQ, GOLEM, STRATIS, NXT, ARDR, BAT, GAME, XCP, NAV, LSK, LTC, SIA, SWARM, TAAS, BITBAY, Iconomi). I told myself at that time that at least 50% of these coins will go x10 in at most 3 years. I just checked that list (I randomly stumbled upon it) and I was pretty happy and sad to find out that (it’s no surprise for me though) all of these coins would’ve been profitable and some of them already went over the x10 target.
I don’t mind that. I could’ve had tens of thousands of dollars already, just with this jump start but I don’t really care. I feel like my mind is on the right track and that I’ve been through this journey just to learn more about patience and discipline (if I had 150k now maybe I would’ve slipped on the path of throwing money and pretty much dying by 25…apart from re-investing). I wish for every each of us to have a great 2018 filled with love, fulfilled dreams and happiness. Money is just a tool, let us not become its slave.


20, no kids, living at your moms. I would have taken a 50k loan if I could. Yolo.

I have a friend that took a big loan, he’s probably a millionaire in 2018.

Noone think its stupid when you loan 100k to start a small business, when the fail rate of starting a business is quite high actually.

I was very close to taking a 10k loan when Bitcoin dipped to 3k in august. Even my girlfriend agreed on it, which is rare af! :joy:

Could have made 50k.

PS. Dont take it as an advice. Dont take anything I say as an advice :grin:


The fact that this is still a hot conversation makes me want to bang my face into concrete.


That is exactly my mode as well!


drop it to 3 or 4k and go 50 percent of your portfolio to BTC and the other 50 percent to ICON.

Pay our loan off over time and watch your profits explode.

You do have to have the discipline of a Shaolin Monk tho.

Not everyone can pull it off either.

Safest bet IMO is go 2k flat. 1k ICON, 1k BTC…IF you decide to go that route.

But with you being so young…i dont know if you are aware of your limitations.


This is appropriate.


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A couple of points to remember:

  1. cut as @peter has suggested. I would not look to borrow money. The only money I owe is my house mortgage. This has stood me in good stead my entire life.
  2. Do your research. You may be able to make a killing on a coin quickly that you can then later invest on your other coins. I would look at swing trading as you can easily make 10% profit every day if not more. This takes discipline and commitment.

Swing trade and don’t borrow money. Peter is right. You will certainly make mistakes but at this outset keep learning as much as you can about technical analysis and with all the help here on the pub everything will work out.

For me I have Icon at 2 dollars. So I have to be patient. I am looking to buy more but not what I can not afford to loose.

Be measured, have a safe long term view and read all the advice here and you will not go far wrong.

Good luck and don’t take out a loan would be my honest recommendation.