[TALK] cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, etc.: revolutionary tech? - Zooko Wilcox (Zcash)

Zooko Wilcox of the Zcash team spoke at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany yesterday

Not much in-depth ‘news’ for myself during the talk itself, yet a good overview of the crypto world today.
But with that kind of audience obviously it got more interesting during the Q&A,
from which I found noteworthy his very good explanation of the zero-knowledge proof concept. :bulb:

Bitcoin arrived eight years ago, and has now spawned a dazzling array of follow-on technologies, including smart contracts, censorship-resistant computation, trustless databases (“blockchains”) and more. This talk attempts to highlight a few of the most significant developments in both technology and in society’s response to it, including some nation-state governments banning cryptocurrencies and/or launching their own cryptocurrencies.

This talk will briefly summarize in broad strokes what previously-impossible technologies have now been proven and deployed (starting with Bitcoin), as well as the general outlines of nascent technologies are currently under development. It will also briefly outline the evolution of the market and the social response to these technologies, such as the ICO boom and the varying reactions of different populations and governments. It will also draw out a few examples that illustrate the situation in more detail, such as the recent crackdown by the Chinese government, the deployment and evolution of Ethereum, and the massive investment into new technologies which is being fueled by the ICO boom.

I recommend to check out all the other talks from this and previous ccc conferences, congresses and events

Last one I attended was 23C3 in 2009. Back then it still took place at the original venue in Berlin with ‘just’ 4200 visitors. They later moved it to a larger location in Hamburg but had to find an even bigger place this year, because it´s 15,000 people attending. :mindblown:

Further reading about the Chaos Communication Congress (Wikipedia)

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