TBP Ads - any way to remove?

I’ve started getting annoyed by all the ads I keep getting lately (the adbar on the form seems to cover up the search box and user icon/dropdown).

I was hoping that Patreons would get blasted with ads but it seems not to be the case. There doesn’t seem to be an option to turn them off so just wondering if this is expected or not.

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So far they aren’t annoying me. I’m not sure they could develop an advertising ribbon that’s less intrusive. Not to argue against you Lenny but I don’t mind it so much. I’ve seen much worse, such as when you visit a website and a pop up hides the whole fucking page with a timed x button to close it.

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Your favorite adblocking plugin can work.

The honest truth is that we are still experimenting and need a few weeks of this to test results.

I hate this process more than anything.


cheers. I hate ads, but can completely understand why you would consider them for your business. Just wondered if my $100 a month was supposed to save me from them or if they are for everyone. The fact that they’re showing me things which have no relationship to crypto or what I come here for is the most annoying part, but it’s fine whatever - I just wasn’t sure if I should be getting them or not as a Patreon supporter.


Has there been any other updates on the Ads showing on Patreon users of the pub? I’ve resorted to Adblock on Chrome desktop, but the Ads still show up on the mobile version where they are even more annoying.


yeah, that’s fine. use your own adblocker of choice for now. :slight_smile:

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