Teeka Tiwari next 5 coins

Anyone subscribed to his newsletter? He’s going to release his next 5 coins. The last time he did this in september 2019 all his picks pumped. Expecting the same thing this time around


I’ve been subscribed for a little while now

Haven’t seen anything yet in regarding his next picks. You are referring to the vc hunting newsletter right ?

Would love to know what they are, but I’m sure by the time they’re general knowledge the main gains will already have been made.


It’s already been leaked… mostly shit coins besides ENJ.
Here is the list

  1. MCO
  2. ENJ
  3. NMR
  4. DATA
  5. SNT

Wow, talk about a disappointing list. Thanks for posting though!


MCO but no CEL? That seems bizarre to me. CEL looks like a far more appetising proposal at these prices (in fact I’ll be buying some tomorrow)

Scratch that. Bought BTC instead :heart_eyes:

Where did you see this list. I didn’t get the email…

Btw, I think there are two “DATA” coins. Any idea if its Streamr DATAcoin or DATA with the ticker symbol (DTA) ??

Any truth to this @peter ?

I said this when CEL was around $0.06. It is now $0.93.

I did eventually buy some at around $0.10 and sold at $0.75 to get a whole new BTC. Kinda regretting not holding on longer but a second moon ticket aint so bad.


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