Telegram channels with day-trading signals



I’m a beginner in crypto-trading and I’m looking for the sources where I can monitor trading signals on a daily basis. There are a few Telegram channels that I read, but this is not enough.
Can you share some more?

Here are the channels that I currently read. The signals they share are correct in most cases.


Here are 2 more channels:


Cryptobullet is a popular one.


A couple more to add to this…


is it working for you? the free signals?


Any of these groups good/accurate?


Try this channel -

This project is our own and fair channel! Join now!

Also read some trading tips on our website:


I just started using a channel called Bitcointrendz… actually made a bit of profit so far!


Nice how you @tradingtim and @timetotrade both joined in the last hour saying the same thing.

It’s too bad. If it was just one of you, I may have missed it.
But it’s clear you’re here to shill.


Call it what you want, but you’re still getting VIP trading signals directly from the source for a fraction the subscription fee. Your call completely. Pay either 0.25 BTC for Palm Beach VIP per year, and a few extra BTC for Asian Whales and CryptoLand Elite, and about $200 USD / month for Signal Profits, or be smart about it, and commit 0.1 BTC for lifetime access to the same signals, directly forwarded from the source with cryptoadvisorypro. Shill or not, economic rationalism wins.


Hey guys, who else knows how legit Bibox Tesla promotion for LEDU coin? How legit? need some answers please.


That’s the spirit! Tell us why.



You could either pay 8 ETH or 1 ETH for the most exact same trading signals on a consistency basis.

Let’s say you conduct some initial research and read the Smart Options review, and you’re feeling compelled to give a paid Channel a go. Why pay 0.25 BTC a year for Palm Beach VIP, when you could subscribe for around a third of that to receive the exact same trading signals, at the exact same time, along with 5 other channel signals in the one Telegram channel? Because of principle?

Sure, @peter, you could spend 8 ETH on 6+ of the most consistently profitable trading channels independently if you like, as opposed to paying 1 ETH for a channel that merges them all in real-time. See screenshot. While you do that, I’ll stick to paying 1 ETH for CryptoAdvisoryPro and benefiting from a much more responsive admin ( If you weren’t interested in making a profit, you wouldn’t be in this chat forum. Making a profit necessitates keeping costs low. Economic rationalism, Peter.


And… Crypto Advisory VIP just added a few more channels. Now they’re at 12 paid channels, 15 ETH value, still 1 ETH subscription fee, but they’ve just moved to an annual subscription model… lucky for the life-timers who got in early.

Check it out:


Hi There!

Good day to everyone.

With so many “get rich quick” telegram channels be it pump and dump or dodgy trading signals, one must definitely exercise caution and do their own due diligence instead of following these “Signals” blindly. Trading any asset class involves RISK and cryptocurrency is no exception.

Our advice is to steer away from any channels promising easy profit in a short period of time as it definitely requires hardwork to become a successful Trader. That being said, there are definitely great channels out there that provides very valuable information. A good trading signal service acts as a team of eyes to watch the market for you and perform analysis.

We have started a new telegram channel: as we want to provide credible and honest information to the community.

At SniperTrade Signals, we focus on producing QUALITY signals instead of Quantity. Our targets are also realistic and our strategy is to help you achieve stable consistent gains instead of “getting rich quick”. Somedays when the market is volatile, we do not release any signals.

Our Signals come with:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Entry, Stop-loss and Targets
  • Signal updates on the fly
  • Daily market overview/updates

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Total Signals: 36
Win Signals: 26
Loss Signals: 6
Breakeven: 1
Open Signals: 3
Win Rate: 81.25%

We aim to be the most reliable and honest channel there is in the CryptoSphere. Our channel is currently FREE for the time being. Do check us out and invite anyone you think would benefit.

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Check this guys, they are the best:


As someone who was in so many groups,
Included Blockchain whispers (which are very good) and Bitcoin barvado but with WhaleAgents I was able to get the best cryptocurrency signals so far. So I decided to be a part of the team because I simply believe in their project. I will support and answer any question about the whaleagents.
This is our Telegram channel for free technical Analysis:


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Accurate signals!


Hy, i found this guy milw0rmz on telegram. Anyone has any experience with his calls? He also offers now capital managment.



I advise you to try BibitBot. It does not require installation and deposits. It attracts me and it also allows you to choose to track any coin, even if it only started to be listed on the exchange. Then this bot sends notifications to Telegram, you buy and sell profitably