Telegram channels with day-trading signals

And… Crypto Advisory VIP just added a few more channels. Now they’re at 12 paid channels, 15 ETH value, still 1 ETH subscription fee, but they’ve just moved to an annual subscription model… lucky for the life-timers who got in early.

Check it out:


Hi There!

Good day to everyone.

With so many “get rich quick” telegram channels be it pump and dump or dodgy trading signals, one must definitely exercise caution and do their own due diligence instead of following these “Signals” blindly. Trading any asset class involves RISK and cryptocurrency is no exception.

Our advice is to steer away from any channels promising easy profit in a short period of time as it definitely requires hardwork to become a successful Trader. That being said, there are definitely great channels out there that provides very valuable information. A good trading signal service acts as a team of eyes to watch the market for you and perform analysis.

We have started a new telegram channel: as we want to provide credible and honest information to the community.

At SniperTrade Signals, we focus on producing QUALITY signals instead of Quantity. Our targets are also realistic and our strategy is to help you achieve stable consistent gains instead of “getting rich quick”. Somedays when the market is volatile, we do not release any signals.

Our Signals come with:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Entry, Stop-loss and Targets
  • Signal updates on the fly
  • Daily market overview/updates

Our statistics from 22 Feb to 28 Apr
Total Profit/Loss: 743%
Total Signals: 36
Win Signals: 26
Loss Signals: 6
Breakeven: 1
Open Signals: 3
Win Rate: 81.25%

We aim to be the most reliable and honest channel there is in the CryptoSphere. Our channel is currently FREE for the time being. Do check us out and invite anyone you think would benefit.

Best Regards,
SniperTrade Team

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Check this guys, they are the best:

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As someone who was in so many groups,
Included Blockchain whispers (which are very good) and Bitcoin barvado but with WhaleAgents I was able to get the best cryptocurrency signals so far. So I decided to be a part of the team because I simply believe in their project. I will support and answer any question about the whaleagents.
This is our Telegram channel for free technical Analysis:

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Hey Guys! join

Accurate signals!

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Hy, i found this guy milw0rmz on telegram. Anyone has any experience with his calls? He also offers now capital managment.


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I advise you to try BibitBot. It does not require installation and deposits. It attracts me and it also allows you to choose to track any coin, even if it only started to be listed on the exchange. Then this bot sends notifications to Telegram, you buy and sell profitably

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Here is also an helpful channel with is top rated>>>

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For me, the best channel is Blockchain Whispers.
Telegram Link

This channel has a large following that presently peaks at 92,684. It is free to join, and also provides additional snippets to premium members.
The investment calls have an accuracy rate of 23/24. You are told when to sell off, buy, or hold on to a crypto.
If you want to find more about blockchain whispers and how to use it, I suggest you read this article here.

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Great channel for signals:

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for 99.9% of people reading this thread thinking of trying a pump group out…dont.

the people running it don’t care about your profit, they care about you buying their sell orders.

heres the best signal you’ll ever get, instead of mucking around with trading groups, just buy bitcoin.

eventually you’ll learn enough to buy into other projects once you’ve researched them.


Well said and totally agree. I follow a couple just to be nosey, noticed that Blockchain Whispers has gone offline. That one was huge.

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Very useful telegram channel for monitoring cryptocurrencies for newbies and gurus:

  1. Coins High/Low Pulse - monitoring for high/low price changes in timeframes from 24 hours up to 120 days (all cryptocurrencies from Top 150 by Coinmarketcap)

  2. Coins Volume Pulse - monitoring for trading volume changes (pumps, dumps, abnormal volume changes) (all cryptocurrencies from Top 150 by Coinmarketcap)

Supported markets: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, KuCoin, HitBTC and we are working to add new.

This is NOT signals , just calculations, something like “market telemetry”

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Best day trading signals!!! it’s signal automated service. it’s a sophisticated algorithms and in-depth analysis.

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Only one I use is for volume indicators.


I found this review on Telegram signals channels helpful with a decent recommendation (performance data is viewable).

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I suggest this channel. BINANCE PUMP CHANNEL :

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This TG channel is free of charge, but focused on leverage trading at PrimeXBT, might be useful for some of you ? ->

The channel is started by “Manhon”, which have had a quite nice run of trades on PrimeXBT in may 2019, most recently showing 68 succesful trades out of 69

For those not yet with an account on PrimeXBT, this site has a promo going on for new users, which enables ZERO fee’s until 10.june, that could be a kickstart not paying fee’s :+1:

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I developed a trading script and I forward my members the results.
Check out my website and watch some videos explaining everything.

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I found this channel:

They posting a lot of “leaked” premium signals in this channel :

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💰 YEN · YouTube ·️ YEN.CAMP 🧠