Ternio PreSale - anyone want to add info or pool?

Hi All,

Is anyone going in on Ternio? I would like to but cant meet their minimum presale order.

Is anyone pooling this or interest in doing so?

I quote info from another member
"’ve finally found an ICO into which I’ll invest again. It’s around the Advertising space, where I really understand the depth of it. Yesterday I’ve had a half an hour discussion with their CEO, as I asked too many advanced questions for their Community Managers on Telegram to manage.

I’ll be creating a post in the next days on the pub, but i just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Currently the Presale is going on with a minimum of 2.5k$. I’ll try to get through that threshold together with some industry friends.
If you’d like to jump on aswell just let me know.
The ICO is Ternio.io 1.
Their product will be mostly up and running by June and they already have big partners behind.
Also, in the Advisory team besides some bigger guys from the industry, there’s the cofounder of NoBS Crypto which has McAfee as the other cofounder. So if shilling is needed there will be McAfee :rofl:"

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maybe up for $500, let me know if you get a pool going.

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Any coins associated with McAfee for me is red flag


Thanks. Will let my bud know

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I understand why. I think if he is behind it there will be a good initial return

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Thats what I thought about MCF as well and that turned out to be no good initial return

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