Tezos soars on these 3 strengths


Waiting for a pullback, before I play with it. It has been one hell of a ride so far, hope you all got in early.


I think they are forgetting the 600m warchest that tezos has

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I think I just got my wish. Tezos had a huge pulled last night, along with the rest of the market.

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Hoping for another dip today. It’s pay day! :money_mouth_face:

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Pretty sure another dip will be heading our way soon. I am trying to figure out if staking is the way to go in this craziness.
What perks are there to being a baker?

This is a good guide: https://www.stakingrewards.com/


Thank you!
How do you feel about Tezos?

Have looked at it today… am a newbie on the charts… so open for corrections…
Looking at the upward trend… its holding steady…
Aiming resistance A point based on the left side of the chart… Coupled with upcoming Crypto.com Listing] (https://coinpaprika.com/event/82647-cryptocom-listing/) I see a basis for the C price point target… The RSI is below 30 and gaining momentum… the MACD awaits confirmation. This is on a daily chart…
So lets see how it plays out… Twitter hits are also up…

The downside… a breakdown at 26545 sats… area which was is the current support… I didnt draw it on the chart… and if bitcoin corrects to 4K levels…


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Just stambled upon this: http://Binance.US Will List @tezos $XTZ
More volume spike expected! That’s if there is no BTC Panic sale this week…

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