Thanks everyone! Learned a great deal as a noob from this community



I’d like to thank Peter and this website and his crew for all their hard-work in making this community grow so big and fast, that I am building my discipline to smart investing. I am not a day or swing trader by any means, but I am a long term investor. Initially I thought I could buy crypto and trade on my own, but after losing a couple hundred bucks, I decided to get some guidance. Building the discipline to do my own research and not rely on anyone but myself and dollar cost averaging, I’ve been able to get in on projects earlier than most people. I was able to build confidence and appreciation for cryptocurrency, particular bitcoin and love it for what it is, what it does, and what it will do to the world. This is a revolutionary technology that will not only change the financial sector, but in every sector. I was so lost in the beginning of crypto, that I didn’t know where to start. I would spend hours on the computer and stuff trying to learn about crypto and how to trade this thing in this volatile market.

My wife (girlfriend and fiancé at the time) would get annoyed that I didn’t spend too much time with her on doing other things because I would go to work, go to the gym to workout, then come home to research crypto stuff and stare at TradingView. I would listen to so many videos and sometimes get confused, but then I was able to pinpoint only certain people that I would listen to on youtube and learn. I would read the crypto news on coindesk, etc and take things with some grain of salt on some articles because I could “feel” the market sentiment. I’ll never be a professional crypto investor, but I’ll be a continuous learner. I guess you could call it a private practice if you will.

It was so hard to remove the emotions in crypto investing because of FOMO and stuff, but I was able to grow some hair on my chest and continue to dollar cost average into BTC on Fridays. Of course, there are times where I would put in a small lump sum if the market was really at a low to accumulate more BTC. After accumulating at least one BTC, I’ve been slowing down my investing and tried to avoid lump sum investments and just focus on dollar cost averaging into BTC as well as the alts with $100 a week into each coin and whatever profit I make from my alt coins, I will invest profits into BTC to accumulate as much as I can. Given that this space is not going to stop growing, the future is bright for bitcoin and other cryptocurrenies. I strongly feel despite the fact that actual prices are low right now, we will thrive in this market if we stay strong and not panic sell. This community allowed me to grow strong and build thick skin. I look at regular stocks when they fluctuate and think to myself, this is NOTHING compared to crypto. Nothing. The potential reward in bitcoin is too great for me to get out even in times like this. I see it as an opportunity. I think in the future when bitcoin halves, we will unlikely see prices like these in the retail market. We will see institutional money bring volume to the market and help us become a more stable market. Some say we don’t need ETFs or institutional markets, but I believe we do because of how the market is, the noob in crypto currency will like get out of the market if things go the way they are now.

Hang in there folks and HODL on. Sell if you need the money, if you reached your goals, or hit an opportunity to sit pretty.


glad you’re here friend! take it all in!