The argument for $3,000 Bitcoin


One day we might be making posts on the pub called “the argument for a $20,000 bitcoin”


We will, and it will be great. That would be a great problem to have in my eyes.


This should be 1k :tipping_hand_man:t2:


One day surely it’ll happen :+1:


Well, that is quite possible to become true, as this cryptocurrency market is so unstable. I had a strong belief that Bitcoin wouldn't go that low. But it did. And I won't be even surprised if BTC would really decrease to 3k. Still, the current price of Bitcoin is a good opportunity for both investors and those, who planned to buy BTC.


Certainly for people that believe in the long term or at the minimum that BTC has one more ATH left. But 2019 won’t be the year we hit ATH.


So what’s the verdict now? With chinese NY right around the corner and BAKKT got delayed i see another crash in the price maybe by the end of january?


Certainly a possibility. Although the BAKKT delay is already priced into current value. Given the massive drop from November to December last year, 2019 might be similar to 2015 in that the price might stay within a specific range during CNY. I’m looking for it to stay in $3300 to $4000 range. But then the price collapses when the Van Eck ETF is officially killed by the SEC in the end of February.


Thats an interesting insight. A few people over youtube are saying the same thing, there might be a crash by the end of February.


Yeah, as a YouTuber myself, I guess we all have a similar take. That doesn’t mean we are definitely right though. It depends on what price Bitcoin is by the end of February. If the bulls are able to push pass $4,000 by the end of February, any bear pullback wouldn’t have enough momentum to push it below $3,000.