The move towards a crackdown of Banksters! Currency independence.

Some events may have been more revolutionary some less, though i dont think all of them end up being violent. This one violent in the sense of lives being affected harmfully really not, maybe violent in the overwhelming change they bring.

The reason some succeed is about the message they carry and the amount of hope they are able to bare. The anger out of not being able to change systems that oppress the people affected channels often first through some lightweight delivery systems and end up being explosive in one or the other way.

People making up their mind about anything is the first step. The decision to break up with the current monetary system, coming out of a real opportunity that presented itself in the form of crypto and blockchain offers then a bright future and an alternative to the current road leading to oblivion. Anyone can see it, as so often in history, tough not no one but not enough people do something about it.

There are and always will be thinkers, doers and thinkerdoers. As time, and now time is Crypto, goes by the pace of those nations declaring themselves free of central banking governance will mark new frontiers and open new opportunities to all, reshaping laws and global order.

Consequently new forms of handling everyday life will make obsolete old laws bringing man back to rethink from scratch every existing approach to modern events affected by the introduction of blockchain. And it will shake stuff up thoroughly.

Signing this kind of document is not a form of grievance nor a shutout for nerds to join some obscure cult. Its representing so far ~3000 folks engaged in subversive action against a flawed system, so sign it. Its verified by a blockchain therefore immutable to be falsified.

Having a group of people getting common ground on things anyway too obvious, though hidden in plain view gives them a reason to shout out to the world their idea, as wild it may seem!

The decency coming out as a goal at the end of all conclusions and facts stated in “The Declaration of currency independence” makes one alter his beliefs and preinstalled knowledge about all the systematic flaws not only mentioned as “Banksters” behavior but also of other planetary mishaps. It triggers a mind to question all the Decadence and accepted norms, and offers a fight to those seeking negation of not only physical but mainly moral value. All facts are known and provable the easy way and even when proven, often not enough spoken about, and part of common knowledge as to be taught and passed on as they happened.

The urge of creating awareness, about the direct players, George Soros a famous sellout to the Nazis as a blatant example, should be called out for its criminality not called a philanthrope. The declaration is a bell to ring at the Rothschild’s funeral, not to be dismissed if enough momentum is reached and people question the statements, reaching new awareness of the existence of non mainstream sources of knowledge.

Each and every other way of resisting a false and putrid history is seemingly having a greater impact, than those ignoring the very fact it is corrupt are aware of. Seemingly? Because non-comprehendible to those not looking for responsibility. It is something you have to look for to achieve something worthy and this above-mentioned declaration speaks of.

By any means should a person be able to decide how to exchange value with his neighbor or anybody. Crypto does that better than anything so far invented punching out any argument of the nanny state it is the better solution. Decency as a result of responsibility, once upon a time more appreciated, nowadays is a thing to strive for, signing any spark of information to testify for history to be written yet, having truth as a marker and pillar to show the road to take. The domination of an yes, electronic but still physical coin is to be put aside and marginalized. The powers at work trying to hinder and prolong the agony can’t withstand protocols designed not to their demise but for the enrichment of individuals and free proliferation of crypto. We use a variety of currencies but some are more equal than others are, as Orwell would disagree for sure. A thing to get it out… this declaration.

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