The Bitcoin Pub discord server


It won’t be too long now until the pub’s official discord server goes dark. I see little reason to discontinue the use of discord for the pub. With that in mind I have created a clone that everyone is free to join and use. All of the same categories are there.

Having more options for communication is always better in my book. So please join in and be part of the discussion.

(ps. this discord is open to ALL pub members even those who were not part of patreon)


Excellent! Great to have this jumpstarted!


i approve of this. :slight_smile:


the pub discord just switched to a F2P model


micro-transactions incoming!


loot boxes, skins, and DLC baby


yesssss, lets get together to discuss more ways to squeeze these jokers. perhaps a daily roulette wheel with one free spin that tells you how many times you get to post? then charge for more spins!


lets design it in such a way that it makes it look like you have a really good chance at winning big, and you always get sooooo close, but its actually pretty much impossible to come out ahead


bumping for visibility


The original pub server has been blown up!


I see @Boundless_moons got one last comment in…

Time to go guys. 2019! Here we come!


Make sure to hit up @GrillingWithGuns who now manages the ‘unofficial’ Bitcoin Pub Discord Server for an invite if you’d like to chat!


Is the Discord Server still kicking?


The best way would be to join and say hello…


Actually… just yesterday i dropped some pretty juicy bits about what’s coming up for YEN…



Do you have an invite link?