The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



A 5 GPU (1070) rig. So about 140 MH/s (?)- will know next week hopefully when they arrive.


2 Rig’s 1 x 8 1060’s 2000sol and 1 x 4 mix card 1000sol

Not sure on ETH but its mostly 1060 3gb cards so I am sure it can be estimated.


Let me know when you have it up and running so I can get an accurate number.


Just upgraded another 1050 Ti to a 1080 Ti

Hashing now at 2100~ Sols


@ImaginaryPi please update mine to 2100 Sol/s. I’ve upgraded to 3x1080Ti.


GTX 1080TI x 6 Rigs with 10 Cards each
GTX 1070 x 12 Rigs with 12 Cards each
GTX 1060 x 30 Rigs with 12 Cards each
RX 470 x 10 Rigs with 10 Cards each

Algo Switching base on profit most of the time with speculation on some.


Can you ballpark the total hash rate so that I can add that?


GTX 1080TI’s 43,200 Sol/s
GTX 1070’s 4320 Mh/s
GTX 1060’s 8640 Mh/s
RX 470 2800 Mh/s


@ImaginaryPi I’ve upgraded my rig to 5x1080Ti, please update mine to ~3500 Sol/s


I’m pulling my mining rig altogether. There are a number of reasons for this but basically it boils down to time and expenses to set things up properly.

The number one thing everyone needs to consider up front with mining: Your electrical requirements: If you’re living in the U.S.A., it appears that most modern housing electrical code settles on this gauge wire:

Which is to say, 14/2 G type NM-B 600V wiring. The maximum AMP such a wire can carry is 15AMP and that’s not enough to drive a 1250 WATT power supply. For reference, here are the gauge to AMP chart:

@ImaginaryPi covers in detail what to do for wiring up multiple racks, so I won’t rehash that.

At the end of the day, it’s too dangerous to run a high load over extension cords and we’re currently renting until we can sell our other houses and buy what we want in the Dallas/Plano area, so it’s not optimal to pay the electrician to install special wiring in our current residence when we know we’re likely vacating in a year’s time.

In my own house with a basement, I’d run my own electrical in a heartbeat, but definitely not in somebody else’s leased property.

So…look for first dibs on 3 R9 390X cards going up for sale in the bazaar shortly!



AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 Mining Rig - INCOMING!

22 machines, antminer L3+ 11,088 MHS (scrypt)


Hi Everyone! I just built my first rig three weeks ago. I am using 7X RX VEGA Liquid edition in dual mining 301MH ETH and 0.865GH LIBRARY. It uses 2KW of power from the wall. 50C at 34% in a room with open window in London, UK. I have 3X EVGA P2 850W 1X EVGA G2 850W. Using rizers version 7c. Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z270-P but upgrading it to ASUS B250 Mining expert. Kaby Lake Celeron, but upgrading it to i7 7700K. 4GB of Ram but upgrading it to 16GB and also will be buying 8th GPU as well.
Please tell my how I am doing if there is anything wrong with my set up and mining coins. Ask me questions and give me advise. Thank you. I am using as my wallet. It is an online casino where I gamble with my coins and double or triple them and also earn various of bonuses. And also my bitconnect account after where I extend my profits even further


Nice build, and why the upgrade on the processor?


Thank you. But please add up any comments. If these stats are adequate. If you know anything better or more profitable. I am using AMD Blockchain Drivers and mining on NiceHash. I am upgading the CPU because I am also using the Computer for my daily driver and I find out that my hashrate drops to half when I use it for youtube and watching movies even that I am using integraded graphics. The rig is very quite, but i have to keep the window open.


Anyone who register just to spam their shitty REF links like @Mazter did, will be banned without warning.


i got also 1 Rig with 6xRX 480 GPUs about 160MH/s ETH :slight_smile:

Edit: Got a second rig up and running 6x vega RX 64 ~ 250 Mh/s ETH


1 rig 4xRX 480 GPUs ~110MH/s ETC


1 rig; 6 x 1060 6Gb, 155 Mh/s (VTC); ~145 Mh/s ETH, ~1900 sol (ZEC)


Boom! Replaced another 1050 ti with a 1080 ti

Now entering beast mode at 2811 sol :slight_smile:

One thing I like about GPU mining is the return value on the GPU - my 1050 ti sold in like 5 minutes on ebay.



9 rigs 59 gpu’s ( 18000 Sol btg) (11000 h/s monero) @ 7400 W