The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



One rig: 8 vega 15500h/s XMR


One rig 4 GPUs, 120 Mh/s (ETC)


Please add 1 D3 - Nov batch 19.3GH/s


So if you join one those sites that mine for you and you get a small payout…what site would you guys recommend? I personally don’t have the hardware to do it myself. Thanks!


Replaced another 1050ti with a 1080ti

3300 Sol


can replace mine with in total 11 Rigs, 77 GPUs, 22500 sol/s (ZEN) __ 20000 h/s (XMR)


Any comments on the RX 580 vs 1080ti issue? I’ve been told 1080ti has a better hash rate, but the RX 580 has a better ROI when it comes to hash rate over power consumption (when overclocked and undervolted properly with the right drivers). Was I given good info?


jup , that is so , 1080ti are very expensiv , the best cards in my opinion
No1= RX Vega 64/56
2 = GTX 1070ti
3 = RX580 /480 /570 /470
4 = 1060 6g

The thing is , and again in my(everyone has there preference) opinion because i find the concept of BIOS moding a royal pain in the ass , I have 77 cards up and running and i only have 4 RX580 cards.
My personal favorite card is the 1070TI ( 4,3 Sol/Watts) that is very very good there is not much out there that can beet that. With the vega its like this , they are relatively new, so the mining software is not optimized for them yet , except for the cast miner , that only runs under windows, and if you are willing to play around with them , they have extremely good Hashing power


1 Rig, 7 GPUs, 3050 Sols (ZCL)

Power Limit %50
Core Clock +110
Memory Clock +650

7 MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X


I get paid in BTC via ZPool with no transfer fee. They pay the fee. Straight to my ledger :slight_smile:


Just the 5 1080ti cards, nothing else?


@chase I’ll need your hash power to add it to the list at the top.


Yeah. That’s it. Too much risk involved with mining. I like investing straight into crypto and seeing gains right away. Plus, it’s just a hobby for me. If I add a rig or two more, I think it’ll move beyond hobby. I’m not into trying to move the heat around (in summer) or deal with ugly rigs all over my home, or having an electrician hack up my house, worry over fire and parts failures. That’s not for me. I have one rig - hobby. I’m not knocking anyone with huge farms, I think they’re awesome, just not for me currently. I would do more with a built in mining closet in my garage, if the weather was more tempered here, but it gets real hot here during summer.


On Nist5

On Skein

On Lyra2rev2


I almost have all the pieces for 4-board RX 580 rig. Still waiting on the risers.


No1 mining ZEN? What???


Why mine Zen over the others?


1Rig 6x GPU 2400Sol/s (Zec)

645USD profit pr month (5ish months ROI )

Bought expensive MB with space for many GPU `s, and a high power PSU so I won’t need to buy new ones all the time =) planning on expanding untill 1200ish USD a month proffit =)


Way undervalued, much room to grow in future, amazing roadmap ahead, amazing achivements in 2017…


Need to tidy up my cable management and cut the zip tie ends, but I think it’s ready to just mine away. No more tinkering.

I love open air rigs because of their ease to clean. All you need is a low end leaf blower. One blast, done.