The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



please UPDATE 13 Rigs, 93 GPUs, 30360 Sols/s (ZEN) , 20000 H/s(XMR)


Update :

1 Rig 6 GPUs, 1070 2750 Sols (ZEC)
1 Rig 6 GPUs, 1070Ti 3150 Sols (ZEC)
1 Rig 6 GPUs, 1070 2650 Sols (ZEC)
Total: 3 Rigs 18 GPUSs, 8550 Sols (ZEC)


1 rig, 2 GPUs. 2.7 kh/s (CryptoNight) and 61 mh/s (ETH).


6 rigs -
4x L3+ OC’d to 444Mhz each - 580Mh each = 2320MHash total - LTC is all they mine now, I got hosed on NiceHash getting BTC with them.

2x D3 at 19 Ghash each, no OC on these they don’t like it = 38Ghash - DASH Only, marketing and a strong plan count, I likee da DASH

Plan to buy at least 14 more miners this year, 2 at a time and hoping some faster miners come out this year, I love mining, it’s like cost averaging in except BETTER :slight_smile:

This is my first post here, been watching Pete for months and it takes ALOT of value and not pump talk to get me to join a community.


just out of curiosity why do you always leave the XMR part out ?
I Have 13 Rigs, 93 GPUs, 30360 Sols/s (ZEN) , and 20000 H/s(XMR)
Just a question ? :grinning:


Just out of confusion really. Are you dual mining, or have some rigs on ZEN and some on XMR?


no not dual mining , all rigs are on zen except 2 rigs are on XMR .


Ok, got you. I was thinking that you might be switching from one to the other instead of running dedicated machines like you are. All straightened out now. Thanks.


2 x 8 cards RX580 RIgs mining ETH… 250 Mhs per Rig


12 1060’s 3200sols

Mining and hodl bitcoinz


15 Rigs, 90GPUs, 2700Mh/s ETH


First rig (well first in a good few years :sweat_smile: Long story anyone who’s been in the space since near the beginning might appreciate- but that’s for another time)

Getting 48 mh/s for ether, 330 average sol/s on z cash,
still yet to test monero or any others. Manually controlling the fanspeed and core clocks for now, Still haven’t modded the BIOS to stablize them better and improve power efficiency but I’m just getting back into the swing of things.

So it’s been a fun build, got lucky with a cheap motherboard and CPU ram deal that’s doubled in price now :money_mouth_face: But I am dying to do more and I want to take advantage of the power bill for Washington state. If anyone’s interested I’m looking into spaces to acquire in these towns with hydro-plants, im a good bit northeast of Seattle so not to far from the prime locations- can put all this hashing power to good use!


1 rig
6 x Nvidia 1050ti
13.5 Mh/s


Update / replace
4 rigs 29 gpu 40kh/s ETN & 140Mh/s XVG


this is such a neat thread!


maybe someday a pub mining pool and mining farm🙏


We already have a small farm with 11 rigs. You can see what we have on my YouTube Channel BiteSizeMining.

Mining pool is in the works. I’m trying to figure a few things out.


What are you mining on nicehash? Do you only have ETH selected? Since you are Team Green, you should be running EWBF Zcash on Nicehash.


Sweet I am checking it out now, thanks Pi!


Do ASIC miners count? I bought a Whatsminer M3 back in November. 11.5TH/s SHA-256 mining BTC at Slushpool. Got first payout of .1 BTC last month. Was performing better in November than it is today.
The first image is from November the first week I had it. Second image from today.