The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



I think that counts, and very cool :sunglasses: This is about our total hashing power, more then build power. I wonder how many pubbers have a machine for BTC and not just ETH or anything done by GPU’s


I’m really embarrassed to say that I’m not certain! Building my rig was really how I got into crypto, but it is a hobby that is becoming all consuming (crypto, not mining). That said, I’m really not technically clear. I just ran their default process and just let it do it’s thing - I don’t see where I can choose.

I looked at my command prompt to get my Mh/s and assumed that was per card so did X6, but now I’m not certain, it may be much lower and it looks like it is running NeoScrypt now.

Thanks for this thread - you’ve motivated me to educate myself on this a bit more!



I’ve been using hashflair, been working good so far. only issue is payouts have a minimum of 0.05 BTC right now, so you will have to invest at least 10TH to see the money come in.
I have also found re-investing your btc for the first 200 days will net you the most return in the long run, as it is a one year contract…


1 rig. 3 GPUs. 1.93 KSols on Zcash.


1 Rig 6 GPUs, 137.8 MH/s (ETH), 4,000 MH/s (SC)


Hey 8of10! What a stack you got rolling nice! What kind of returns on average you think you are netting? You running solar yet?


Update, got a new card so 4 total now- racking 74 mh/s ETH


1 Rig 6 GPU 'S
150 MH/S (ETH)

  1. Rig is up: currently mining ETH ~ 191 Mh/s ETH


im getting aroung 8000$ minus 1200$ for power , well solar would be nice , but the minning room is in a commercial building , so i dont have the option for solar , would be nice to have water power


Yea I saw a few pics of water cooled setups. Seems like a pricey setup


0 because GPU’s are non-existant :weary: :cry:


Lol what do you mean? I gotta guy who gotta guy lol


1 rig 8 1080 ti. 5430 sol/s


really? darn … I need more connections with the proper guys lmao


Can contribute ZEC 3k Sols


@Julioindahouse might have something for you but you gotta buy him some costa rican french press :wink:


9 rigs, 55 gpu (rx 570, rx 580, gtx 1060, gtx 1070), mining on Nicehash now but ~1,2 gh ETH


I have 6 x 1070. Not much, but willing to join the pool.


Whats up guys! Just joined in the Bitcoin Pub figured I would toss in on this topic. I started mining in March of 17 and its an obsession now…

8 Rigs
GPU’s (10x 1080ti, 5x 1070ti, 7x 1070, 8x 1060, 5x 570, 2x 1050ti)
CPU’s (1x Ryzen 1600x, 2x Ryzen 1700x, 1x Ryzen 1800x)

Currently on
Nicehash Equihash at 9640 Sol/s
ETC at 501 Mh/s
Nicehash Cryptonight at 2120 H/s