The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



Update / replace
5 rigs 42 gpu + 1 cpu AMD Ryzen 1950x.
Mining ETN/ITNS 50kh/s and BTCP 10ksol/s


Not sure if I’ve updated this thread.

1 rig (so far)
6 x RX580 180MHs


No more mining FOMO. Charlie Lee just bought me a new rig. I’m now mining Zcash too. 6 GPU rig mining ZEC at 3750 Sol/s. I might get even more overclocking with the MSI Afterburner software.


Yo! Nice rack, I use that style also. I get them for < $20 and they have room for everything, including a monitor. I put a box fan behind them to keep everything nice and cool.


Why don’t you try mining BTCP on the pub pool? We could use the extra power. Profitability is probably about the same as zec. Plus BTCP is a good candidate for a nice pump soon.


I up for it. Hopefully easy to set up. Is there a tutorial in the pub?



Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Post any questions you have in the above thread


3 rigs, 36 GPUs, 1,100 MH/s (Eth) :pick::pick::pick:


Three rigs, 5 cards. 4 EVGA 1080’s, one old EVGA 980.

Looking forward to Father’s Day. :wink:


Didn’t know anything about mining till a few month’s ago learning so much can’t wait to try it out!


Can anybody recommend a budget miner and coin to start on? I just want to try it out a lot of budget miners on ebay but have no idea what I am looking for.


1050ti rig is a good budget rig.


Thank’s found one for $450 is that good price?


For the whole rig (highly doubt it’s a full 6 GPU rig)?

Check out Newegg. Most of the 1050ti’s are around $350-$450.


you are correct only a 3 gpu rig with one gpu. had to look up what a gpu was lol


2 RIGS, 9 1080tis total, 6700 Sol/s. Mining ZEC. We gonna start a pub pool? haha



2 gpus

approx 300 sols pointed @ our BTCP pool
and about 24MH @ ETH off when my main comp is not in use by me

edit: today seems my frankencard has stopped working reliably. so my btcp submissions are down :frowning:


we have a BTCP pool for the pub


hopefully found the issue as being the ssd running that computer