The Bitcoin Pub Rolls out My Startup Media Thread for Local Businesses

In the mean time, I’m doing initial Titling research for a High-End Building Contractor in South Florida.

I would post a link here for you to see the company but I don’t want to skew their back-link ranking before I have a chance to give them a proposal.

I’m not in the business of giving out Free backlinks if someone has not ‘earned’ it yet.

What I mean by back-linking is similar to what I did in the post above.

That backlink to my article will strengthen its over-all Google rankings for my own services.

Just a good example for anyone who is not familiar with how ‘back linking’ works.


I landed my cousin a first page rank citation with a YouTube Video for 'Luxury Home & Kitchen Remodeling".

His website doesn’t even show up on page 5 for this Google search.

Again, very good branding exposure accomplished in less than 48 hours.

Here is a link to the promotional video if your interested in viewing it:


This is a fantastic thread Raven!


UPDATE: Initial ranking results for my cousins company, Everything Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.

This is the nut-shell version

EK&B went from 25% over-all first page ranking for all relevant keywords to 34% over-all first page ranking.
That equates to a 27% increase of first page rankings in 72 hours.

After 30 days EK&B rankings will settle into a more natural position for its rankings.

Meaning this %age increase will drop a little but then settle higher in the organic rankings than he was before the marking campaign.

This is what I refer to as the first ‘Ranking Boost’ to a website.

Yes, its organic rankings for his actual website URL, but it also includes citation rankings from third party syndicators such as HomeAdvisor, Houzz>com, YellowPages, YouTube, Better Business Bureau, Google Maps and so forth.

All those annoying third party syndicators are actually advertising you for FREE, as long as you are registered for each of those platforms.

In many cases, you don’t even have to register for them. They search your business out so it strengthen their own websites.

In the process, they do the marketing for you. BUT, if your website doesn’t not have enough authority of its own, they will display other companies associated with your services.

So your still competing with your niche competitors regardless.

The marketing I preform exponentially increases the odds in your favor for those third party syndicators to display you over your competitors.

Your company can literally dominate any niche services on Google search if your willing to go the extra mile working with me.

It doesn’t happen over night, but to outsiders looking in, IT looks like you did it over night.

These ranking results are typical for businesses that sell services such as Dentists, Construction, Medical, LawFirms, Real Estate, Storage Facilities, Home Improvement Services, Niche Products and the alike.

Businesses must also already have established domain authorities to maximize results.

In other words, the farther away from these mentioned niches you company is, the more skewed the marketing results will be.

Meaning you might be stepping more into the Branding aspect of marketing rather than specific target services.

Im not saying my marketing strategies won’t work for businesses outside of these specific niche industries. Its just easier to see tangible results when your business moves up in rankings while your niche competitors slowly move down.


Trila brought up a good point abt marketing blogs and e-com, so I’d like to address this topic in the next one or two posts.

Briefly, blogging can be marketed if framed correctly for media syndication.

Ranking a Blog takes nothing more than SEO and a target niche to rank for.

Ecom can be marketed the same way using media outlets, but needs to have a ‘non-salesy’ angle to the marketing strategy, which then funnels queries to seek more information, hence the ‘blog’ post providing more information, then funneling to a landing page for conversion.

Ill expand more on this over the weekend.

Thanks for the query @Trilamanila Master; )


Niche Marketing, and How I Can Help


A short time ago I stumbled on the solution to helping people within my circle of influence

A tool I discovered that would market services online and dramatically propel websites higher in Google Rankings.
That’s the nut shell version.

I have to admit, the ‘tool’ was not enough for me.

The training I received with the marketing tool was very niche targeted and the process they were teaching to reach out to potential clients is kinda old skool and boardline outdated, but still effective.

Not Spam, but spammy. Lets make that abundantly clear.

They wanted me to send cold emails to targeted niche clients, chiefly in the service industries.

By service I mean, Dentists, Construction, Medical, LawFirms, Real Estate, Storage Facilities, Home Improvement Services, Niche Products and the alike.

A very unfulfilling method of acquiring clients, little to know transparency, and the final close method of “Lets make a bet”, that I can get you on the first page of Google in less than 7 days.

Look, I don't know how they do it in Europe, but this is 'MERICA', and we don't like sales people or spammy marketing.

Not to mention, my circle of influence is full of highly educated people who don’t take anyone’s word at face value.

I want to see results and proof of concept.

There was no way on Earth I was going to use those outdated sales tactics just to land a client, and not even know if it was going to work as intended.

This is direct quote for Miles Beckler in a recent email he sent out to his mailing list, and it aligns with my thoughts and intentions exactly. Its a lengthy quote but very important concept you need to understand.

Miles Beckler has provided me with so much value over the last 5 months he deserve a back-link directly to his Blog page. Miles is a Master Content Marketing YouTube Influencer and Blogging Expert.

The real deal for sure. Please click here to learn more: Miles ‘Make it Happen’ Beckler

To be 100% honest, your ultimate success hinges on your ability to help people.

Whether you are helping people solve their problems…

Helping people to DIY/create things they are trying to build…

Or you are helping them achieve their goals and avoid their fears…


There isn’t some ‘hack’ out there that you are missing beyond doing the work of becoming the kind of person who helps other people.

And here’s the REAL question:

Have you put in the time, the energy, the study, the trials, the errors and the commitment to truly help people?

Everyone is just waiting for a trusted advisor they can follow who will ACTUALLY HELP…

Not just another B.S. scammer looking the part trying to sell some B.S.

Trusted. Advisors.

So if you can’t help people solve their problems… Achieve their goals… Avoid their fears…

That is PRECISELY where you need to start.

“The Secret” is not in some overpriced course that is promising to teach you how to dropship or affiliate or become Insta-famous or whatever.

Helping people is “The Secret.”

And it all starts by helping yourself.

Creating a result in YOUR life that others will want to achieve too.


Heavy Testing, Collecting Data, Proof of Concept

Currently I am in full swing of collecting tons of data from testing various niche markets and services.

This is a list of current niche markets Im currently testing using News Articles and my connections with the Media:

  • Local Painting Company
  • Local Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company
  • Local Organic Farming Provider
  • YouTube Influencer

I have not done any testing with Blogs or Ecom as of yet using my Media connections, but the marketing process is basically the same.

As long as you have a functioning website with content already being created and posted, my marketing services will work for you.

Immediate Benefits Include:

  1. Sub and Main Stream Media Exposure over night
  2. Instant high-authoritative back linking and citations
  3. Over night improvement on your Google ranking authority and positioning.

Im currently in negotiations with a Luxury General Contractor in South Florida to test out my services.

I already wrote up a full-on Google visibility report showing them their current page rankings on Google.

They need my help, but if they can’t understand the value I can provide them, then there is nothing I can do for them.

I know for a fact that I can improve their first page rankings in 30 days or less.

I’ve collected enough data to support this claim with similar niches already, there’s no question abt this.


Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing you master this brother!


Thanks man. Yeah, very exciting journey so far.
Best part is, Im actually helping people using a legitimate service.
Pretty cool stuffs.
Lots of work though. This isn’t easy to do correctly.
If I were any less intelligent this would not be a recommended path to take.


Just teamed up with @Trilamanila for some mutual benefits.

I dont have the time, so Trila is helping me with my website and I’m going to assist guiding him with this Blog SEO and site optimization.

For more information on Trilas’ Road to Code blogging site, Please visit:



As many of you may or may not know, Blue Barn Farms with @CryptoMom was and still IS one of my flag ship marketing projects.

When we began the marketing campaigns Blue Barn Farms official website was boarder-line Not searchable.

Meaning the website could not be found in Google searches without specifically searching for “Blue Barn Farms”.

Little did I know, BlueBarn Farms website had not been SEOed properly from the get-go, hence the Zero visibility.

We moved forward with the first marketing campaign anyway.

Even though Kaylas’ ‘Official Website’ could not be found in the search results, it hadn’t stopped Kayla from getting exposure with her FaceBook Page, YouTube Channel, Blog posts, and more specifically Google Local Maps positioning for anything associated with “Mississippi Lucedale Blueberry Farm”

Example below:point_down:

The Most Comprehensive Visibility Report to Date

Todays online visibility is not wholly dependent on your Website alone. This may actually be a good blog topic to expand on in another post, so I’ll keep this short.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a website to have online visibility, its just better to have one.

Blue Barn Farms is a perfect example of this.

When I was doing the initial visibility research, I came across Facebook, YouTube, Certified Naturally Grown Certification for Blue Barn, Google My Business and a few other third party citations for Blue Barn Farms.

What I discovered is local businesses have Free marketing already available on the inter-webs. The ‘Secret’ is to expose them so they show up in the search results.

How is that accomplished?


Coincidentally, my marketing methods are Highly Citation heavy and Google friendly. Google LOVES local citation heavy marketing.

The more citations your business has, the more Google favors you in local search results, hence why my marketing methods work so well.

Once I saw all the third party citations and social media exposure Blue Barn already had, I decided to put together the most comprehensive Online Visibility Ranking Report to date.

Why? Because third party citations and social media exposure constitutes legitimate VISIBILITY and Social Proofing for your business.

Just because your website is not ranking on the first page, doesn’t mean you can be on the first page establishing Social Proofing and Authority.

In the next few hours I will be releasing never before seen Progressional Ranking Statistics for Blue Barn Farms over a 30 day period, starting with Pre and Post statistics.

In less than 10 days from now I will be adding to this report for the next ranking update.


That’s what’s up!! :muscle: @RavenSkyDaisy killin it!!


I don’t know who this Douglas Blueberry Farm is, but he’s taking up our #1 position with this Facebook page.

We can position him lower in one fell swoop if you’d like @CryptoMom
Let me know.

Quick Update:

The first PR campaign we did last month is now dominating the first page in the Top 3 positions for multiple search results.

This is a good sign.

This may however be slightly skewed, Full Disclosure

A couple weeks ago, I went in an optimized BlueBarn Farms website for SEO.

This might be a by-product of the website being optimized.

I won’t know till the full report is finished.

Bottom line, first page results are coming in.


Great read, thank you so much!!



Im gunna have to look into Pintrest.

I found two of my PR articles for BlueBarn Farms pinned by some lady ranking on page 3 and 4.

Might be a good use case here for back linking and compounding exposure.


Mr Douglas is the man we bought the blueberry farm from :joy:. Roll with it! :muscle:


Almost finished with your visibility report Moms.

Your website is officially ranking on Google now, LoL

Even got it ranking on page 1 for one search result.

We need to build up your domain authority still.

Other than that, initial ranking report looks very healthy considering you have Facebook, blog posts, Pintrest, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and the Media Articles we’ve published for you.

This proves that you don’t need a website to promote your self, it just helps to have one.

So cool. I can’t wait till YEN syndication is available. We’re gunna crush it Yo.


BlueBarn Farms Visibility Report will be published later this evening. Very exciting!


Blue Barn Farms: 30 day Post-Campaign Visibility Results

This is an extensive visibility report designed for me to observe, in detail, *What and How* the OverAll rankings of a local business are being affected by my marketing campaigns.

These ranking and searchability results are specifically tailored, and case sensitive for every business.
Meaning, the base line metrics used is the same for every business, but are specifically tailored to the targeted services that the business is offering, or wishes to target.

If the business wishes to pivot targeted services, then additional keyword metrics will be added to the charting report.

Current first page rankings will likely remain stable as a New base line metric for future campaigns is implemented, skewing overall first page rankings metrics from the additional information.

Example: The metrics used for ranking BlueBarn Farms are KeyWords & KeyWord Phrases and any combination there of-

  • Lucedale
  • Mississippi
  • Blueberry
  • Farm
  • Farmer
  • Organic
  • Jam
  • Jelly
  • Produce

There are 13 KeyWord Phrases that make up the Visibility Ranking report for BlueBarn Farms in various combinations.

All 13 KeyWord phrases were specifically chosen to reflect what any normal person would be searching for in Google searches to find what they are looking for.

Additional KWs or KW phrases added to the metrics for targeting ultimately broaden your target service reach on Google, but can dilute your overall search result rankings given one campaign is done every 30 days.

The only way to circumvent the dilution is running multiple campaigns targeting more than one service or product.

However, if you are only concerned with getting results with your pivotal target services then there is no need to run multiple campaigns.

Results are as follows
Blue Barn Farms website:
Over all first page rankings increased 24%

FaceBook page:
Over all first page rankings increased 23%

Blog Posts:
Over all first page rankings increased 10%

YouTube Promotional Videos:
Over all first page rankings increased 19%

Campaign article overall first page rankings 34%

Combined Overall First Page Ranking Increase of 17% in 30 days
There was also a 21% increase in overall first page visibility implementing only ONE marketing campaign for BlueBarn Farms.

Based off this data I’m assuming we can double overall first page exposure for BlueBarn Farms in 5 months or less.

The reason it may take 5 months is because there are four other ranking mediums to compete with.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • YouTube

If your business only had a website to compound with my marketing campaigns, I believe we could double your first page rankings in 3 months or less.


But has @CryptoMom seen the value?


Good question:
Crypto Mom would have to answer that for her self.

Value is relative to the beholder.

If value means being on the first page of Google where 90% of the traffic is, then I would say yes, there is value there.

If by Value your referring ROI, which is a natural metric to measure value, that has yet to be seen or reported.

Market demand and supply for her products would be one determining factor but we won’t know if there is for sure unless she’s on the first page where the traffic is.

Blueberries are seasonal, but her products aren’t really.

It only been 30 days since we technically started campaigning.

How long will it take to see ROI results, I have no idea.

Im sure there are lots of ways to market one’s self online.

We won’t know if being on the first page of Google works unless we are on the first page for a sustained length of time.

Just alot of factors that go into marketing. Nothing is set in stone.

Hell, if Moms was able to get her self a WholeFoods contract, she probably wouldn’t need to market her self anymore unless she wanted too for some reason.

Its a really good question Peter.

We really won’t know what the value is till some reactionary factor gives it value.

I think being on the first page of Google for as many KW searches as possible is a really good start to market her products and her Farm.

I know you already understand everything that Im suggesting.

This is a testing ground as well. We won’t know for sure what the value is till we make something happen.

When I was being trained to do this marketing, it was suggested there was a 3 to 6 month turn around in potential ROI for Service based companies.

Meaning, it takes time to start to see ROI results that are measureable in the eyes of the business. But that is just a guestimated time metric.

Depending on the services one provides and the searchable demand, ROI results can be seen sooner or later.

We already know businesses and start ups don’t happen over night. It takes years as you have mentioned many times before.

Its still very early to tell, but as far as value is concerned with Crypto Mom, I can only assume she is very satisfied we are seeing tangable results on Google searches.

That was the initial goal.

We will need to have a sit down here soon to determine the next course of targeted action.

If we were not seeing visibility results on Google then our conversation would obviously be different.

Thank for the engagement Peter.

The hard questions need to be asked.

Im learning that Value is relevant to the receiver. Im mean, I knew that already, but when providing services to someone it becomes even more prevalent.

I can facilitate what I know to be Valuable, getting one exposure on Google, but ultimately Value is determined by the person on the receiving end at the end of the day.


Road to Code - A beginners coding journey documented from start to finish.

Our very own @Trilamanila has crossed a monumental feat of blog posting for nearly 100 days his journey to Code.

Please follow this link to read about the Documentation process: Road to Code Documentation

Started doing some initial SEO work and very pre-mature testing with Road to Code 100 Days of Code by @Trilamanila.

Just posting an update as we document the process of Road To Code visibility.

I don’t think either one of us know what to expect at the moment.

Ideally it would be nice increase Domain traction here.

Kinda leaning towards the Branding spectrum for Trila, but still in the beginning stages.

Please visit for more blogging information