The Bitcoin.Pub Rolls out "My Startup" Media Thread for Local Businesses


Peter Saddington, Co-founder of &, rolls out ‘My Startup’ Media Syndication thread for community members in the process of starting up New Businesses in preparation for the Massive Land-Grab.


Early last week, Decentralized TV with host Peter Saddington, announced The BitcoinPub would be supporting Local Start-Ups by dedicating a new thread in the Bazzar section of their media syndication platform the PUB.

To watch the official announcement video please follow this link:

Peter: I wanted to create a new section in The Bitcoin Pub called My Startup. If your launching a new Startup, side-hustle, or new gig, I invite you to share your journey in the Bazzar documenting the process.

There is something powerful about documenting your journey. Its important to document it, and let people know what your doing so you can see how you’ve improved.

A Sneak Peak at the New Startup Thread

Located in the Bazzar section of The Bitcoin Pub is where you will find the open source "My Startup" media syndication thread.

If you are new TheBitcoin PUB we encourage you to sign in to this Free and open source social media platform where you can connect with like minded community members dedicated to self expression, financial freedom, and your continued education with Cryptocurrency.

For those of you who already participating in the My Startup thread I’d like to welcome you.

What exactly is Media Content Syndication?

Technically speaking, this is a good summery of the actual definition

Content syndication is when third-party sites republish content that originally appeared elsewhere, such as your company’s blog.

They might syndicate pieces of content in their entirety, edit articles down to a shorter piece, or just publish a selected excerpt – the exact details can vary from one publication to another.

When an article of yours is syndicated on another site, you’re still credited as the original author, and there’s usually a link back to your website or the original article, along with a canonical link.

For more information please refer to this article by the SearchEngineJournal


Everyone speaks of 'third-parties' as Syndicators of content as if only traditional Media outlets are doing this. I beg to differ.

Google is the Biggest third party Media Syndication platform on the Planet.

We just don’t look at it this way, but taking a closer look, it fits all the criteria.

  • Google is a Third Party
  • Google publishes articles in their entirety
  • Google frequently edits articles into “snippets” commonly found at the top of search results.
  • Google includes ‘backlinks’ to the original publisher

Publishing an article or ‘post’ the PUB is no different.

YOU are the primary syndicator of your own content.

The PUB is technically the secondary syndication platform which then communicates to Google, the third party syndicator.

What happens when you post an article to the PUB?

When you post a NEW TOPIC to the PUB, you are making a Public announcement to the world using Google as your third party syndicator.

Here’s the Proof (below)

“Software repair” as your title will not rank on Google however because you are competing with 724 million search results with that Title.

This is probably why 95% of the Posts made to the PUB will not be found on organic Google search results. Im just guessing on on that percentage, but you get the idea.

If you had no idea this was happening when you posted to the PUB, well now you know.

Simply posting the PUB with a random Title for your Post will typically result in Little to No online visibility for your public announcement.

Only the people who frequent the PUB and read the NEW POSTS tab are going to see, and sometimes read your article.

If that is your primary goal, to simply communicate a small note to a small circle of people, thats fine.

If you want your message to reach the general public in Googles search results then I suggest you buckle down for the next 30 days and start learning the basics of SEO and online visibility.

I’ve dedicated the last 5 months, clocking in nearly 40 hours a week studying SEO and content syndication.

This is not for the faint of heart and I implore you to do your diligence when starting your online marketing journey.

Hopefully I can make this a little easier for you in the mean time.

Please join me on my journey with online marketing as I presently stand.

This will be my Official thread documenting the SEO journey.

Other relevant articles and educational material will not be posted here, but in separate POSTS specifically designed for Public Searches.

If you wish to get more familiar with my Back Story leading up to this point, please visit Rise of an Online Marketing Phoenix: SkyDaisy Media Leads to Business pt1

Or you can skip to part 2 by clicking here: & Bitcoin.pubs’ Go-To Content Marketing Strategist: SkyDaisy Media pt2

If you have any question regarding Online visibility feel free to leave a reply or send me a DM.

For more information with Online Visibility Marketing for Local Businesses please visit my SkyDaisy%20Media
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn%20Visibility%20Marketing%20Specialist%20logo
SkyDaisy%20Media%20YTAlso visit my YouTube channel to view promotional videos designed for Local Business Marketing & Online Visibility



Thanks so much for the writeup and great guidelines for posting!


Here’s an interesting article abt content marketing, not actually being abt content, but more abt maintaining and changing consumer behavior.

The goal of content marketing according to Entrepreneur is

  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Activating latent demand
  • Driving conversions

According to David Zbar, Senior Vice President, Digital at Marshall Fenn Communications: “Content marketing will become increasingly more important for businesses. If you can change a person’s behavior, meet their needs, and provide value at every turn along their journey, you have a great chance of earning their loyalty and their business.”

Ironically, this concept is aligned with how I instinctually attempt to use content marketing.

The goal is to provide Value to the reader:

  • Building an emotional connection
  • Inspire feelings
  • Building trust
  • Giving a positive user experience
    and hopefully lead to conversion at some point.

This can only be achieved by genuine content marketing backed by an authentic desire to serve others.


This is interesting.

This article isn’t even ranking on Google for “The Bitcoin Pub” search.

But if I type in “The Bitcoin Pub My Startup” it shows up on the first page in the second position

I’m thinking its because the My Startup thread was just created by the Pub and has not established any ‘page authority’ yet.

This is most likely the explanation for not ranking where I thought it would out of the gate.

You see, we learn something everyday : )

The only way to improve page ranking is to upload massive amounts of content to the thread to gain Page Authority.


Classic video interviewing the CEO of YEN,


What a great place to allow for people to document their journey!

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Spent the last hour of evening doing Title and description discovery for my next Media article.

Im actually doing some advertising for my self at the moment.

Using my cousins Kitchen & Bath remodeling company to piggy back off of with my media outlets.

In other words, Im writing an article to be distributed to media outlets which are back linked to my cousins website.

Here is what his current online exposure looks like.

Well, let me rephrase that. This is “My” target exposure for cabinet refinishing at the moment.

This the Title for the article to be submitted (below)
"Cabinet Refinishing Service Now Available Fernandina Beach FL, EK&B"

Cabinet Refinishing - target ‘Key Service’ words
In the graph you can see that ‘cabinet refinishing’ is ranking page2/position8, Page2/position9, and page1 position5.

I suspect I will have three first page rankings for sure when Im finished, and visibility where there wasn’t any previously with the red.

I will also rank for ‘Cabinet Service’ and ‘Refinishing Service’.

Location for the services are also included in the title so Google knows where to put the search results.

I threw in “EK&B” for branding purposes, although it wasn’t necessary to do so.

This Title is NOT random words put together

Each word and phrase are precisely calculated to highlight what I want to rank higher in the Google search results.

If I were to move one keyword phrase in this title, it would change the entire target ranking strategy for my client.

In this case it is for me, not a client.

The reason why you see “Now Available” is because our media outlets require what I believe is called an ‘active verb’ in the title to make it announcement worthy, and not salesy.

Media outlets want to report news and announcements.

They are not to sell your products, but to promote your products in a news worthy manner rather than point blank sales.

This is also why articles are written in 3rd person and not 1st person when submitting to a professional media syndication outlet.


I decided to do some marketing for my self the other day.

As many of you may know, I’ve been a painting contractor for twenty years and currently work closely with my cousins’ kitchen and bath remodeling company on a regular basis.

So I did a news article release for my cabinet refinishing services piggy backing off my cousins company.

You can read the full article here:

The reason for piggy backing off my cousins company website is because I don’t have a website for my painting services.

Four hours after the article was released it landed on the first page of Google.

As a result of the back-linking to my cousins business in the article, his website moved from position 8 on page two, to position 2 on page 2.

I havn’t done a full visibility report update to see the broader effects its had on his website page rankings but my guess is a 20% increase on page one rankings over-all for his website.

I think anyone would consider a 20% increase of page one rankings for their website on Google in less than 48 hours to be ‘Good’ clean results for my marketing practices.

Imagine for a moment if I did this marketing for 6 to 12 months for my cousins remodeling company.

My guess is he would be dominating the first page of just abt every Google search for Kitchen Remodeling in the surrounding areas.

Its just a hypothesis, but I’d be willing to put money on it.

Ill do a full visibility update on the findings over the weekend.

I need to allow the SEO a couple of days to settle into a more natural position on Google.

Typically, it takes a few days for the marketing distribution to third party syndicators to complete, so I should have more accurate data over the weekend.

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In the mean time, I’m doing initial Titling research for a High-End Building Contractor in South Florida.

I would post a link here for you to see the company but I don’t want to skew their back-link ranking before I have a chance to give them a proposal.

I’m not in the business of giving out Free backlinks if someone has not ‘earned’ it yet.

What I mean by back-linking is similar to what I did in the post above.

That backlink to my article will strengthen its over-all Google rankings for my own services.

Just a good example for anyone who is not familiar with how ‘back linking’ works.

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I landed my cousin a first page rank citation with a YouTube Video for 'Luxury Home & Kitchen Remodeling".

His website doesn’t even show up on page 5 for this Google search.

Again, very good branding exposure accomplished in less than 48 hours.

Here is a link to the promotional video if your interested in viewing it:

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This is a fantastic thread Raven!