The Calm Before the Storm


You can also just buy when the prices are rock bottom, stagnant and no one seems to care about btc :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great, how do i sign up :joy:


Wait a bit and you might see that.


And I wonder how many people will sell there bitcoin after losing all hope


There’s always that one dude that sold his house to buy btc at the top…

he’s probably shitting himself


Lmao yeah i can imagine that. I hope he has strong hands when it dips below 5k or his house will slip through his fingers :joy:


I know people who knew people who sold everything to buy btc at $1k in 2013 and then sold at $200. Little did they know that that was just a small bump in the btc price long term.

people just need to see the bigger picture here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ouch but u can hardly blame them bitcoin went completely off the map. Bet they are kicking themselves now


People talk about how Bitcoin crashed many times before and recovered, but that was before it went mainstream. I wonder now that it has gone mainstream and “everyone” including their friends, co-workers, etc knows about it or even invested in it, if that’s an indication of the end… No more people left to FOMO in.

To be clear I don’t think Bitcoin will disappear, but I see it more as a novelty item that may be worth significantly less, kind of like trading baseball cards or rare coins or some such.


it didn’t really go mainstream. Mainstream is a total crypto market cap in the trillions in my opinion.


I think there is only 70million bitcoin wallets so it’s definatly not main stream yet. It’s about 1% of the population I believe


Even in previous crashes, bitcoin was brought up on the news when it mooned. Then when price went down they disappeared. No different today honestly. Majority of people I know got tempted when price was mooning, but majority did not get into crypto.