The conspiracy on the word "conspiracy" ; Conspiracy Sunday proposals ; plan / suggestion: poll



A conspiracy is simply, like my dictionary says:

a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful
Origin: late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French “conspiracie”, alteration of Old French “conspiration”, based on Latin “conspirare”: ‘agree, plot’ (see “conspire”*) .

It seems Peter (from time to time), and some other folks too [ even more actually ], mean “(crazy, ridiculous, farfetched) conspiracy theory” by conspiracy.

When I speak of conspiracies I have to add facts to it from time to time (so it’s conspiracy facts) because the word conspiracy is hollowed out — which is a muthafuckin’ conspiracy! :male_detective:t5:

I love to talk shit from time to time mainly for entertainment purposes, but conspiracies are actually the worst things – I am talking about war, famine, rape, child trafficking etc.

Yesterday, I thought of asking Rex (Leak Project) to join with Peter’s Sunday livestream for 30 - 45 minutes.

I really hope we can get Grace (Reallygraceful), though! She makes the best videos. I support her on Patreon too! :slight_smile:

I love Mellisa Honeybee Zaccaria;
Gabriel Harber is awesome;
Jordan Sather (Destroying The Illusion) is OK; and,
Teresa (Divine Frequency) [ the last two are a couple by the way ].

The guy from securityteam10 is a nice guy too, doing nice work; and I thought of Titus Frost.

Alex Jones would be mad. I don’t feel Eddie Bravo that much; I like (some of) Joe Rogan’s guests better than himself to be honest. And just a mention: David Icke.

I thought of making a reptilian joke, but I believe they’re real.

Lastly, Gerard Morin might be interesting. Anyhow, he inspired me to start an over-unity / free-energy project [ look it up on this website ].

I’d like to propose to do a poll which Peter would make or endorse and announce one so we can approach YouTubers with the number of the amount of voters. :nerd_face:

make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act
Origin: late Middle English: from Old French “conspirer”, from Latin “conspirare”: ‘agree, plot,’ from “con-“: ‘together with’ + “spirare”: ‘breathe’.


I’ve already asked Grace. She lives in Atlanta.
She said “no.” Which is sad, because I really like her videos.


O, wow, did she say why not?

I didn’t know she was from ATL.

She is like a goddess…


Perhaps we can ask her next year or something if there is like a significant amount of people with a request and/or we offer her some money for her time…


I told her I’d come to see her.
Her response is that she’s not good talking to people… … …
Ok. Well I guess video is easier?


Oh, wow, I see…

I know she did at least one livestream, and she did it pretty well…

It seems we can give her some time …
She’s really young too I believe… [no pun intended]
Around 20 I’d guess…
Perhaps in (half) a year or so…
We could propose to do a short interview and tell her she can stop anytime; be as considerate as possible.

As a side note:
perhaps I’ll be a mod by then so I can remove stupid comments if there are any – or at least for that show, because I love talking shit like I said… :troll:


I meant possibly doing a Zoom chat – because in person can be more awkward…
She’s definitely talented… My video skills suck tbh…

I remembered Cynthia McKinney this morning…and Robert David Steele …

Cynthia is from GA, but you could Zoom with her perhaps.

And/or Zoom with Robert David Steele …?


@peter like this?


Compensating I see… …


Typical for an Asian to say XD ;p

Btw, did you contact Mellisa Honeybee?

She wrote me: “I signed up for Bitcoin Pub forum and now my account is suspended, I commented on a thread you mentioned me in last night and my account was put on hold after, is this normal?”


She said that she wrote “I love you too Wichal Rangai”.

You said that you wanted people hook up here – a girl says she loves me and she gets blocked… wtf… XD

I’m not sure if you want to have her on your show though still…



O, and Kristen Meghan…!?

I am just basically making a list here of the “coolest people” (read: best whistleblowers) here.

They basically expose conspiracies…

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Rose McGowan, Steven Greer, Max Keiser, Corey Feldman, and Chelsea Manning are perhaps too big…

Coen Vermeeren perhaps? :? Donna Brazile?? Lauri Love?


How the internet of things will destroy us! This guy does an incredible job of explaining the real truths behind smart everything :skull:
This video terrified me and also made me want to buy more IOTA :joy:
@peter and everyone check this out


Lol I don’t buy in to this fear-porn click bait shhh to be honest.

You know, a friend of mine on Facebook wrote that our favourite teacher, Bashar*, told him in a private session that we have 13 parallel Earth’s now; last time around he heard there were 9, by the way.

Bashar said that when we discovered the Trappist-1 System**, the parallel Earths actually (physically) started to split like “different trains on different tracks” moving away from each other. It will get harder and harder to get on the “train” (read: version of Earth) you prefer to be on if you’re not on it now…



It’s definitely a little dramatic but I think this guy brings up some good points about why in the world would we need a crockpot or fridge or stove connected to the internet lol


Lol everything is valid though.

People create their own life. :smiley:


We need to be aware of risks so we can preemptively manage them.
I like dystopian fiction for example, it’s useful.
I don’t like fear mongering.
There’s a difference between : “we need to be smart, this could happen” and “OMG WE NEED TO STOP THIS WILL HAPPEN”.
I think there’s a healthy place to stand somewhere between paranoia and careless enthusiasm when it comes to innovation.


What kinda worries me – to be honest – right now, is 5G… :expressionless:
…I believe it’s really unhealthy… …not enthusiastic about it… …I figure we need a healthy alternative for it… …I might have to look in to that…


I was just sent a video about 5g from a friend…gonna watch it now