The conspiracy on the word "conspiracy" ; Conspiracy Sunday proposals ; plan / suggestion: poll



Steven Molyneux getting it as well.


Peter said that when he used “Conspiracy” in the title of the livestream it was like the worst or something. :expressionless:

I am convinced DCTV has issues with YouTube because of Conspiracy Sunday.

I was on where I read:

I am also a supporter on Patreon of Grace (Reallygraceful). She just uploaded:

and I just watched:

which she uploaded on het 2nd channel to avoid a strike on her primaire one.

I joined Bitchute because I kinda follow Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) on YouTube and he mentioned he had troubles with YouTube. I just learned YouTube has destroyed his channel and he has a new one:

@StanThurMa, I love good movies by the way – I watch like almost any kind… My favourite dystopian movie is The Book of Eli (2010). :slight_smile:


Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this…really powerful and beautiful and sad all in one. I was actually looking for Jordan’s videos yesterday and realized they must’ve been removed. Really crazy how far they have gone to censor free and differing opinions and speech :pensive:


We should fund a Class Action lawsuit. Dennis Prager has sued Google/YT for censorship of his videos as well. Specifically one of the 10 commandments, because of the 5th commandment, thou shall not kill.


Lol this guy, I followed him for a few weeks about a year ago… I can’t listen to him anymore… he seem to be all talk… Maybe it’s because I’m from Rotterdam where “~No words, but deeds~” is the unofficial slogan of our most popular sports team which I used to support as a true “patriot”…
Anyhow, we live in a physical world; where we need to take action to get things done…

@peter I hope you can make those videos though where you go out – I guess it’s more than just taking (for you anyway, if you see what I mean). I just remembered you mentioned someone who would join you to manage the audio…


An attempt to kill religion or anything that references it is not good IMO


That seems like a great suggestion to me.

I would have to look in to that.

Feel free to share more about it here.


He’s a bit of an educator, speaker, talk show host. But has solid information from what I hear, I’m not an avid follower though.


@Stake_Stack Synchronistically I just saw The Incredible Hulk (2008) a few days ago (for the first time) when it came across my desk (read: lap-top). And I got reminded of The Hulk when you said:

:joy: :hulksmash:

Funny, I just noticed that 4 of the last 5 movies I watched all have conspiracy elements:

Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows (2011)
Acts of Vengeance (2017)
The True Memoirs of an International Assassin (2016)
24 Hours to Live (2017)


I now have 3movies added to my must watch list!


I guess this punishment is nothing compared to what Ross Ulbricht is having to endure. If y’all don’t know his story, check it out. Here is a snip from wikipedia…

On 22 December 2017, Ulbricht filed his final appeal with the United States Supreme Court.[42] His appeal argues two key issues: (1) “Whether the warrantless seizure of an individual’s Internet traffic information without probable cause violates the Fourth Amendment;” and, (2) “Whether the Sixth Amendment permits judges to find the facts necessary to support an otherwise unreasonable sentence.”[43]

The U.S. government has until the end of the day on the 7th of March 2018 to file a response to Ulbricht’s petition.[44]

On 5 February 2018, five organizations filed briefs amicus curiae (“Friend of the Court” briefs) in support of Ulbricht. [44] Those organizations are National Lawyers Guild, American Black Cross, Reason Foundation, Drug Policy Alliance, and Downsize DC Foundation.[44]


@DamianL interesting…!

What about this lol




@peter This conspiracy has bothered me for a long time and has not had much traction, what do you think of this ?

Looks like back in the 70’s the pope could’ve been taken out and replaced with someone. Take a look.


Watching now… will edit this post with my thoughts…

Seems worthy of deeper understanding. It’s not inreasonable.


I appreciate you taking a look! Just seems like the Vatican is one of the oldest human trafficking organizations, not to mention the numbers of wars they’ve perpetuated. Their hands are not clean.


It’s very possible. When there is no transparency, expect malfeasance.


Demonetized !!!lol…dogelord



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