The Crypto Inheritance Problem (Safe Haven)



In light of the ongoing QuadrigaCX debacle (where the owner died and apparently took the exchange’s private keys to the grave) I thought I’d give a little Pub shoutout to the Safe Haven project…

If you’ve been following the Quadriga thing on cryptoTwitter you’ve probably seen Safe Haven (SHA) being shilled in the comments as the end-all solution to digital inheritance in the crypto world. Here’s a blurb about the project from the project itself:

Safe Haven offers a solution to this problem by providing a safe, secure, and transparent means for one’s digital assets to be inherited by anyone they choose, at any time they choose, while remaining in full control of their investment. Safe Haven’s complex, yet effective platform uses the advanced technology of Smart Contracts combined with legal entities from across the globe. This combination empowers Safe Haven Digital Asset (SHA DA) holders to ensure secure inheritance of widespread digital assets. Any individual or organization can utilize Safe Haven’s platform.

The Safe Haven solution requires minimal involvement, which results in the initiator remaining in control. The initiator may retrieve his or her tokens at any time. Through secure encryption, the initiator’s keys are split and encoded in the blockchain. The number of times the key is split varies between each case. By enlisting legal entities worldwide via our TAN (Trust Alliance Network) each individual case is legally noted, and conditions for inheritance are given on an individual level, dependent on the wishes of the initiator. By involving both legal entities and secure, encrypted transactions all while leaving the initiator completely in control, our solution is transparent, easy to use, and unprecedented.

(fyi about the SHA token: they had their ICO a couple months back and are only trading on LAToken and OceanEX. Price is way up from recent hype so maybe wait for a backtrack if you want to buy)

Now, personally I think Quadriga is just exit-scamming but the situation here still brings up some valid concerns. What do you guys think? Can/should crypto inheritance be handled WITH crypto? Or should it all be handled off-chain?


Safe Haven is a sleeping giant. Maybe I’m biased b/c it’s on the Vechain Blockchain ^^ So much potential and what they’re doing is an incredible need in the cryptospace. #datvechaintho


Haha same! I don’t usually geek out about ICO’s but I reeeally wish I’d gotten in on this one


Same! We still have the opportunity for Cahrenheit though!! If Joe Lee does what he did with Didi Kuaidi, we’re in for some fireworks! ^^