The Daily Swing-trade - What are you trading today?



Not if each of the 453 trades is making 1% as that’s 90x per day.


Averages are:

tail -1000 trade.txt|grep Sold
Sold BNTETH at 0.00568000 for 1.99 %
Sold SNTETH at 0.00020273 for 1.14 %
Sold VIBETH at 0.00031315 for 0.99 %
Sold XEMETH at 0.00055702 for 1.08 %
Sold ADAETH at 0.00035148 for 0.99 %
Sold RPXETH at 0.00017816 for 1.21 %
Sold ENJETH at 0.00028688 for 1.31 %

Oh, its still running :smiley:

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@Mike_Fishy If @peter doesn’t own copyright of the term then maybe B90x, “Bot for 90 x daily return”.


What is RP? Thanks for sharing! Also, how do you set up bots to trade for you? I wanna do that!

Do you worry that your bots will make a bad trade and really mess you up?

Also, how to whales affect the trades your bots make?


The RP is just a Running Percentage.

Every trade is simply summed. So if the bot made a percentage profit it is added, if it did a stop loss (as the price dropped below its trade buffer and it exits the trade with a loss to prevent further losses), the percentage is subtracted. Its just a running summary of how well, or how badly it is doing.

Whales do affect bots in many ways, but the stop loss code helps to prevent major losses when a Whale dumps their bag and forces the price to drop 20% or more.

Also yes about the bots ability to do bad trades. I only give the bots small amounts of Ether and I count that Ether as lost when the bot plays with it (don’t gamble what you cannot afford to loose).

Most market bots are pretty dumb and easy to take advantage of. If you do a very small volume trade on a pair that has a very low daily volume and do a buy at just 5% above the current price, you will see automagic orders start appearing on that pair in seconds. These are bots, they are easy to see. Given this predictability, you can take advantage of how dumb they are and I see some Whales actually do this, one in particular is very clever on how he/she manipulates automation to his/her advantage.

There are many reasons why a bot can do badly, the ones I have witnessed include:

  1. The internet connection goes down
  2. The Exchange stops responding to the API calls, either due to network issues or simply overloaded
  3. You could loose electrical power (power outage), which is why I prefer to use a laptop, its got a battery
  4. The market suddenly dumps altogether, kind of happens every week
  5. The bot can make some bad choices, it has no feelings, it just runs rules.
  6. People can take advantage of poorly coded and predictable bots
    Plus many more.

I have been thinking of starting a thread on “How to make a basic market bot adviser” (code that runs and just tells you what it would do, without actually doing it).

I run everything on Linux, as Linux is an open source, community coded, decentralised operating system. Why should a computer be a corporate slave to M$ or Apple? If you think this is a good idea, lemme know.

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Well, adjusted my bot rules and tinkered with k-nn algorithm a little.

Last few trades have been:

Bought ONTETH at 0.00571004
Sold ONTETH at 0.00583372 for 2.12 %
Bought EOSETH at 0.01367800
Sold EOSETH at 0.01395400 for 1.98 %
Bought QTUMETH at 0.03417000
Sold QTUMETH at 0.03485900 for 1.98 %
Bought BNBETH at 0.02594100
Sold BNBETH at 0.02646600 for 1.98 %
Bought EOSETH at 0.01379000
Sold EOSETH at 0.01407000 for 1.99 %
Bought QTUMETH at 0.03451600
Sold QTUMETH at 0.03521300 for 1.98 %

Getting slightly higher percentages, but with the market trending the way it is, the bot is doing less trades.

I’m now in the process of naming the bot processes after Autobot characters lolz

Optimus Prime (Truck) is the main data collector
Hound (Jeep) is the main trade entry finder from the collected data
Jazz (Porsche) spawns and runs a trade process to exit at high precision
Ratchet (Ambulance) monitors the processes and restarts them when they fail
Bumblebee (Chevy) does the data analysis and cubes

There is always method in madness.

Edit: Sideswipe transforms into a red Lamborghini Countach, it is still coming.

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Would be great if you create a new topic explaining how these different autobots are setup. I find it very interesting.


Yes! That would be super helpful and interesting!


XRP probably climbed the other day when the press released that xrp was integrating a texting service.


Yesterday was a great day not much to trade with but Lady Luck was with me.

REP/ETH IN 0.0618 out 0.658 = 6.079% gain
ICN/ETH in 0.002134 out 0.00232 = 8.017% gain
ICN/ETH in 0.002205 out 0.00234 = 5.77%
ETH/XBT in 0.7245 out 0.0701 = 3.24%
MLN/XBT IN 0.007405 out 0.00773 = 4.2%
Had 4 more trades ETH/XBT, MLN/ETH, EOS/ETH, and ICN/ETH again each was from 3.7% to 5.6% gain.


Been thinking of using a some bots but I have a few reasons why I don’t.
1 internet sucks here so constantly losing WIFI
2 use iPad because all my PC are mining and due to reason number one can’t use laptop poor WIFI
3 a lot of power outages
4 work on the road a lot (hence why use iPad)
5 I enjoy trading and feels awesome getting a 25-40% gain.
6 biggest reason I don’t trust bots. My luck they’d announce dropping a coin off the exchanges and it put all my money into it.


That is awesome, I also use an iPad for trading because it’s just super portable, I wish there were better apps for things like tradingview charts. I really don’t like how easy it is to screw up prior drawings on my charts when I’m on my iPad.

What are some of your trading strategies? Where do you “win” the most in a bull market such as the one we seem to be in now? Nice. Gains. BTW. That’s super awesome. I am not confident enough in my current strategies to do a lot of swing trading, so for the most part I HODL. But I do take out a percentage of what I have as “fun money” for trading, end goal being to get more “bitcoin” value so to speak.

I don’t really care for dollar value as of right now because I’m going to leave my crypto as crypto for as many years as my wallet can stand…or my life. Obviously I’m going to take it out eventually, but for right now I basically plan on leaving it there until I’m in my early 30’s, or until it’s so prevalent in society that fiat basically switches to it. That’s not necessarily in the near future, but I’m only 22, so I’m looking at anywhere between 8 and 15 years before I really consider removing it.

Orrrrr, I get Lamboozled and insanely rich and take it out occasionally because I become like Peter.







Well as simple and cliche as it is, I just buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low. I look at the 1 hour chart to see what’s doing what on coinigy which uses TradingView charts I get a good 80-120 hours worth of data. Once I find the most promising looking coin I switch to 1 day to see where has I been, where could it go then change charts incremental down to 3 min candlesticks. Once I’m happy and this will sound off or not very intelligent I mean happy as in I find a coin that is extremely volatile but predictably so. You will see some coins look like a 1 inch thick red and green line, which is nice if looking for 0.5-1% gains but it can go anywhere at anytime and one thing I do know if I try to capitalize on these extremely volatile moving coins I end up waiting days or weeks to get myself back out of the coins without losing my shirt. I try to find a coin that resembles a pulse or heartbeat bullish or bearish it makes no difference. I find the support and resistance lines and then plan my trades accordingly. So if bullish I’ll try to buy in near the lower end of the support area a lout the 1/4 mark so if support is between $1 and 2$ I’ll plan to buy in at $1.25 and then sell at the top of the resistance band. So 3/4 he way through it. This is where the wicks come to play if you I’m buying in or selling out and I see that support is at $5 but the bearish wicks are push down pat $2 multiple times (I use 3) then I take 25 or 30% of my planed trade and drop it down close to the very bottom of the shortest wick (top if bullish wicks) and then put the remainder in my targeted are of the support/resistance bands. I’ve made trades on the same coin up to 5 times in one day netting 3-10% gains each time. My best trade I was working out in the field cam back to my truck and saw tha that ETH/ICN was moving quite a bit and had huge bullish and bearish wicks, I was busy so quickly took my 0.5 of an ETH and set 75% of it to buy in at about 18% below the average support amount. I went to talk to the company rep came back 15 min later and my food was bought out so 25% in at average 75% in 18% elbow that point. Being at work I decide to be aggressive and put my sell at the very top of the longest bullish wick which was 46% above my buy in price. I went to leave and seen some red flashing out of the corner of my eye looked back and it had spiked 68% and I had just made a gain of 46% all while I wasn’t even planing on doing any trades because I dint have the time. I went from 0.5 of a coin to 0.72 of a coin in 17 minutes not bad at all. The actions of a panicking group can be quite amazing! Now ets get one thing straight. To me this is a GAME I mine Ethereum and every 18 hours or so I get a payout only 0.05 of a coin but it’s still ALWAYS there so when I screw up which I have trust me I’m just learning this as well I lose nothing. It’s money I didn’t have I didn’t get paid for I didn’t pay taxes on it isn’t even money to me it is potential money. My biggest blunder just started mining and trading put Eth in traded for XBT with no clue how it all worked and the price of XBT dropped 20% plus while I was working and didn’t even realize it had happened till the next day. I just shrugged and thought well that was stupid good going and promptly looked up trading on the net and spent 5 days watching and listening to advice from EVERYONE. Then I just wrote down when I feel I’d buy in or sell and see if it would have worked out for me. Now I trade and have fun doing it in a few years if I can take a large sum of money out great if not as long as I payed off my initial costs of the mining gear I don’t really care because if I’m invested in say ABC coin and buy it at $100 a coin and it drops to $0.01 a coin I’m going to say oops and just set an alarm for 1% above my us in leave it and forget about it till it either vanishes or recovers because I haven’t lost anything but the potential to make money those that have invested fiat currency are in a different boat altogether. Any losses I suffer will be replaced in a few days it’s like playing donkey Kong with unlimited lives for me. I just hate screwing up so am trying to get to a point where I can catch 60% of the trades I can make 5% gains or more and be 99% successful. In the trades. Only idvise I’ll give is watch for the panics you will make a fortune on other people’s fear both of losing money and of missing out be patient a small loss hear and there no big deal I’ll take a 2-5% loss if I can turn it around to make a 4-8% gain right away but if it drops 10% before I can catch it I just wait for it to recover and get out when I can do so and make a gain. I also set a certain amount I’m going to trade in any pair. I keep 25% for any runs that might happen then spread the rest out a bit now I’m working with minuscule amounts compared to most so right now I put no more that 0.5 of an Ethereum into any pair. All profit I make goes into another pair til it’s at 0.5 of an ETH investeor to invest with in that pair or coin once my portfolio have 8-10 main coins I’m invested in I’ll start taking the gains and leaving them in there while maintaining my 25% savings for the big runs like XBT in December. Ow now of that is written in stone because if I have ETH sitting in EOS but it’s not moving and XRC drops like a rock I’ll take the coin out and move it over and make my gains there but will move it back once EOS starts moving again. Find your comfort zone, look on YouTube find the advice or trading system that you understand the most and feel comfortable using and go with that. Most of all DO NOT PANIC and be PATIENT. If you stick with the 8-10 main coins chances are very good it will recover and you’ll get all your investment back. If losing in one pair say ETH/XBT look and see if you can find a pair you can make profit on and move that way might have to move sideways a bit to go up. That’s the first thing I do when a trade goes bad for me. So sell high buy low or buy low sell high that’s the ultimate goal stick to trades you are pretty much guaranteed to be successful and your confidence will build and the more successful you will become.
This is just how I trade and as I learn more I will undoubtedly modify my stratagem and refine it in the years to come take what you want from this but what works for me might not work for you. I do wish you and everyone else the best of luck and I hope riches fall from the heavens upon us all!


First trade of the day:
ETC/ETH in 0.0304 out 0.03148 for 3.43% gain


Nice write up…a wall of text, no less, but nice to see the inside of other people’s thinking and what they do for trading.

One of the big things I do is find a strong trendline, and then watch the price action around that trend line. I strongly prefer up-sloping trendlines (who doesn’t!?), but same principle applies on nearly level or downsloping, but the game is _much_trickier (i.e. basically a gamble).

Anyway, on a strong trendline, if a coin dips below, then starts consolidating with a bit of curling up, if I think it looks promising for recapturing the trendline it abandoned, then I’ll give it a go.

If it shoots way above trendline, then I watch for it to come back down (retreat) to the trendline…if it’s in a bull flag formation, then that’s another strong set up for a trade. TRX recently had both of these scenarios (going below trendline and returning and now at apex of a bull flag / wedge – when I see a bull flag forming AND it’s close to an established trendline, that’s a really strong bet in my book.

Disclaimer: Not trading/financial advice. For educational purposes, only. I’m long on TRX at the time of this writing.

EDIT: I originally wrote “ICX”, but this is TRX’s chart.